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January 9, 2017 by pendk


Hey, newcomers or veterans of trove, today i will be talking a bit about console trove, how you set up your PlayStation for it and what the controls are.

How to get set up on consoleTop ^

Let's get set up first, we are going to need these things for console trove on the ps4.

  • console
  • controller
  • internet connection

Now if you haven't downloaded trove yet, here's how you do it.

  1. Go to your PlayStation store
  2. Go to the search bar and type trove
  3. select trove
  4. download
  5. launch trove


trove is not available in these countries yet:

(not updated)

  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Argentina

These are the things that you need to get started on console trove, before we continue i would recommend that you make a glyph account, and link your ps4 account with the glyph account you just made, because you will get a free ally for it called: Cotton Candy.

Now you are able to join trove and get started.

Using the controllerTop ^

Now that you have gotten into the game, here are the controls for ps4.

Adventure controls 

  • R2 = basic attack
  • L2 = primary ability
  • R1 = 1st ability
  • L1 = 2nd ability also known as ultimate ability
  • Triangle = flask
  • Circle = dodge
  • Cross = jump
  • Square = pick up loot
  • Dpad down = chat
  • Hold dpad down = class sheet
  • Dpad up = inventory
  • Hold dpad up = teleport to hubworld
  • Dpad left and right = used for shadow tower keys, caches, boxes or mounts/wings etc
  • Left analog = movement
  • Right analog = camera movement 
  • Options = menu for other tabs

Building controls

  • Touchpad = building mode
  • R1 and L1 = switching between different blocks
  • Circle = selected block
  • Square = selected block
  • R2 = place blocks
  • L2 = destroy blocks.

 Okay, now that you know the controls you are ready to get into the world of trove, what are you waiting for trovian.

Hope you have a blast playing trove.

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