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Mac / OS X Mod Install Guide

Posted July 11, 2016 by and viewed 19,871 times.

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Quick install mod guide from Ignitas & SnowLeopard756 for Mac OS X

  • 0. Download the mod zip file you want to install.
  • 1. Open finder and press Cmd+Shift+G
  • 2. Enter this for the Glyph version:
    • /Applications/Trion Games/
  • 2a. Enter this for the Steam version:
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/Steamapps/common/Trove/Trion Games/
  • 3. Download the mod, extract it and open it in another finder window/tab
  • 4. Copy the files from the mod folder over to the Trove folder based on following rules:
    • (EX: if mod folder has a name like "blueprints, go into blueprints (in game files not mod files) make a folder called "override" (No CAPITALS) then drag all files (mod files inside the folder) into (NOT BLUEPRINTS FOLDER) good to go!)
  • 4b. Sometimes you will find something like a VFX folder in a particle folder in mod files, repeat step 4 but drag sub-folder (VFX) in "override"

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