Customized VFX for Shadow/Radiant/Stellar

Author: Novuhz

Changes the VFX drops for Shadow/Radiant/stellar


Added VFX and Sound Effects to crystal gear drops. (work in progress)

Small bug fix with shadow vfx.

Added my real Acid Aura VFX to the new Aura: Corrosion Cloak

Major Changes: Added sounds to when Radiant / Stellar drop, also added loop sound to the beam it self.

Minor Changes: Removed sound and vfx of when you open Loot Chests.

Major Changes: added 'explosions?' to when a radiant or stellar drops, also changed the beam glow.

Minor Changes: Fixed some bugs on all 3 beams.


Screenshot quality is bad, it's much better in-game =)

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well, it so good mod! but i dont need shadow vfx anymore... how can i remove them? or can u make ver that only radiant, stellar and crystal have vfx? that's it! ty for reading and good mod. 

Nice mod.


Created: July 13, 2016

Updated: December 13, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 136,750

Steam Workshop Views: 171,499

Downloads: 152,391