Petallura Giveaway

To celebrate the cakeday of our friend KawaiiCaretaker, she has donated 3x Petallura, Nature's Beckoning to give away.


August 25, 2017, 11:00 am UTC
3 years ago


August 27, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
3 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 3


3x Petallura Dragon

3 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


1,964 Signups

0.15% chance to receive 1 reward

Comments and Likes Comments 157

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Wish I was on then

I had a 0% chance of a reward lol


Congratz 3 guys who got the dragon <3!

Huge Thanks!!

I cri erry nite

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

Congrats to the winners

u wait, still drawing.


[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

u gotta wait :P

Who Winner?

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

10 more secs

Damn, last minute I came here to enter, gl to all! It's a great prize

GL guys!

GL! 3 more mins



Can u get it if on console?

can anyone tell me should we be on page when they drawing the giveaway?

lol 0% chance of a reward

Good luck to everboby!

Good luck :)

Good luck for all <3


0percent chance of reward welllllll XD good luck all

goodluck :)

goodluck! :)

goodluck! XD


1,855 people have signed up to receive 1 of 3 rewards.


^^explains my luck xD^^

1,846 people have signed up to receive 1 of 3 rewards.

0% chance of a reward

yeah even the pc knows my luck :D

I am French and it is for her that I do not win any English giveways  x)

good luck

why 0%? goodluck guys

Gl all!!

If somebody is gonna win with 0% im so gonna rage :/

0% CHANCE OF A REWARD. LMAO anyway good luck guys!

i just started and i just want at least 1 good mount so pls help a bro out

0 % its crazy x). Gl

  1. Gl guys lol 


If i win this dragon u will be working on all of the outher dragons as quick as posible


i never won


I'll never win.

0% chance. FML

It's a very cool giveway!

0% chance. High odds......

LOL :v I wanna a DRagon...

0% for getting the reward...why am I even trying?

this is as rare as a Ganda


GL :)

Wow 0% of getting rewards... Love it :3

So depressing,  i now have crippling depression 

Nice 0% Chance to win. I thnk im gonna win

GG to the future  winners!  

Haha, 0% chance of winning. You're going to try luck anyways. Good luck!

what the guy before me said

0% chance of me winning 1?...:(

Gl everyone and 0% seems balanced just like trove's game

1,337 people signed up?



0 chance , seems legit 

Gl ppl :)

0% chance well then  , GL to all

GL All!

I will never win this giveaway

GL; Boy I need this lol


GoodLuck everyone !!!!! :))


GL guys

good luck hope i win something

0% chance of reward, i know right literally deserve it :/

0% CHANCE OF A REWARD.....yeah, i think thats right :P at least for me :/

Will we receive notifications of us winning (if we do) via email?

the code will be in your inbox.

Ok, thank you

Gl every1 

Going in with this 0% chance of winning

GL everyone ;)

Good luck :)

oh yeah

Oh yeah i want :)

hope i win

Good luck!

good luck

Good luck 

well no winners

Good luck

Good luck everyone 

good luck

OMG 0% T.T

lol zero chance

GL! 0% chance! lol

gl too 

Wow 0% How is that possible


 I hope i win ia never win and have the worst luck ever

0% =/



ok,seens legit.

  1. No ones win in it but GL

lol 0% chance, to all of you out there, BREAK THE ODDS!!!!

0% chance, i think we broke the system XD

Good Luck :D

gl, only 1%

GL all xD 

Good luck everyone

-Kumiho Kazuho Team

 GL :) 


Wow GL !! *^*

Good luck fellas


i want this so it'd be great to hve ^_^

Wow Thank you for this! :)


I so hope I get this dragon it woud ben my dorst dragon :) 


If i win this dragon will be my first dragon and i love the design. Good luck everyone

is reward for ps4?pls i love the game i hope win and good luck all players

Gl everyone. I love this dragon hope to win.

Gl all hope i win :P

Good Luck Everyone!

good luck !!!

i hope i win this one good luck to everybody

I want this!!!

GL everybody

 GL guys :)

good luck you all <3


GL guys!:)

Good luck all.............!

gl everyone! (i hope ill get it xD)

but everyone can randomly get...

If I win I will donate $20.00 to a Children's Miracle Network Hospital to pass on the fortune I hope to have by winning this mount!

Good luck, Have fun and remember no buts, no cuts, no coconuts.

Good Luck Everyone !

Have 0 hope that i will win



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