Kami Llami Giveaway

Thanks to Milambit we are giving away 20x Kami Llami llamas this week.

These codes are valid on all platforms.


August 22, 2017, 7:00 pm UTC
2 years ago


August 29, 2017, 7:00 pm UTC
2 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 20


20x Kami Llami

20 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


3,433 Signups

0.58% chance to receive 1 reward

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So, everyone wonders why they don't win giveaways. In light of this, I will explain why. The average, and mode of the percentage chance is 1%, taking this, we can factor out that if you enter into 100 you have a 10% chance overall, you can't add the percentage, it gets factored in, so it goes by .1 value. So to get a 100% chance, meaning you pretty much guaranteed to win, or will win soon, you need to participate in 1000 giveaways. This makes sense though, most giveaways are a 1 in 800-1200, as 10000 people might participate but there are multiple rewards. I hope this helps some people in understanding why they don't win many giveaways.

I've entered these contests so many times for ps4/NA...yet i keep seeing drunholy winning wtf?


who won


how do you know you will win if you win



I WANNA WIN!!!@!!@

gg gl



%1 chance

[Deleted User]

This comment has been removed

hopei win i really need this

LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luck Friends




i never win ;-;


[Deleted User]

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Omg good luck this is so awesome

GL and may the odds ever be in your favor and whom ever may win good for you :P

gl to everybody


Good luck everyone :)

Good luck guys


Good Luck !

hell i want it!

Good luck everyone 

i wana win q-q

[Deleted User]

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Good Luck to all :)

GL everyone :)

I hope RNG luck is helping this time. At least I wish you all good luck on this giveaway :)

Good luck for this giweaway ;)

GL everyone! Hope i win!


Good luck everyone! ^^ 

 I hope i win

i actually want to trade my kami llami, since im not a big fan of it... so hit me up if you want to trade 

Luck :3

goodluck! :)

goodluck guys :)

win this 80%

It's a very cool giveway!

Yeah... good luck n stuff

im sooo gonna lose i only have 1% chance r.i.p


Good luck everyone ^_^

 Gl ma boyss

At least it's a 1% not a 0% as it is with the dragon :3

oh yeah

good luck lol its due on my bday hah




good luck

good luck

Hope everyone

Good luck!

good luck all

GG ! 

GG to whoever wins

never won anything;_;

Good Luck ! :D


IM LIKE Kami Llami

Gimme gimme


Good luck!:)


Good luck!:)

Good Luck! :D

 Good luck all :D

alright time to win!!!

Good Luck Everyone!

i hope win good luck everivone all players win they are good player :D

GL Everyone!

:D good luck every body

I never win

Good luck

how to know if you win?

Good luck everyone ;D

 GOOD LUCK  everyone :) hope ill get something finally 

gl hf <3

Gl guys


GL bois

Kami Llami best look ;)


Gl guys ^^

Good luck!

good luck everyone!


Good luck!

Good luck!



This Kami is my

 i want..!

Good luck bois

Good luck

Please please please. Good luck all!

 good lucky! eu nunca ganho nessas paradas =(

GL & HD!

Good luck to all!

Sok szerencsét mindenkinek :D

Nvr gotten anything and have no dragons.


Do more dragon giveaways!

GL  woot happy eclipse

I never win but doesnt matter good luck to all

i didn't get anything from the last one, but good luck 2 me (:l)



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