Candy Axe

A spun-sugar chopper of deceptive sharpness.


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Now, check your collections in game and see which styles you have unlocked, we would need to find a style you own of the same type as the one you have created. There is a good chance that you have default weapons unlocked so to show sword modding i will use default Candy Axe as example.

Note the name of a style you want to mod with your model and find it on Trovesaurus to find out a name of its blueprint file. For Candy Axe it will be equipment_weapon_1h_axe_candy_start.

Go back you your Override folder with a blueprint you created and rename your blueprint accordingly. We are going to replace Candy Axe with a sword we made, so we will be renaming our my_sowrd_001.blueprint to equipment_weapon_1h_axe_candy_start.blueprint

And we are done! Next time you launch your game, Candy Axe style will have the looks of a blueprint you have put in Override. All the other Candy Axe-s you see in game on other people would also look like a sword you modded in. Only you see such changes, dont worry. To restore original looks simply remove files from Override folder.

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