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Avarems Reddit AMA News

Posted July 11, 2016 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 1,181 times.

Yesterday Avarem was on reddit answering your questions, here is a summary.


Can we get sheep mounts please! (see Fried Sushi's Shmeeps!)

That sounds pretty fun! And Sushi is always great. You have a link? 

Will the future lore reveals be introduced incrementally, or all at once?

Lore for us is always incremental.

Will the non-animated deco props that devs use in the Hub/PvP arenas ever be made available to us? (PvP sword in stone, banners, orb torches, etc)

PvP deco is planned as is the sky realm.

Will anything be added to indicate which Shadow Tower Boss you are currently in a Shadow Arena for? Such as a more detailed invitation, UI indicator, or command?

As it stands now, you can be invited to a "Uber-6 Shadow Arena" which could either be a normal Pinata/Dotm or a hard Spike/Prophet/Pinata/Dotm, and you will not know which until the boss room is reached.

Great question - making a note to see what we can do about that.

Will Plasma be fishable... I've seen the fish on the Trove wiki... or did this idea get scrapped?

Still something we want to do, but it's a lower priority than a number of other areas we want to work on right now.

Can we get a seashell/clam mount and/or ally using the excess amount of golden seashells?

Yeah we really need to do something with those! Maybe someone will make a good mount mod we can use.

Also which classes do you think need the biggest nerf/buff in pvp?

Right now I think the Chloro probably needs a little adjustment the most.

Are there any plans for new gameplay/mechanics in trove? (and by gameplay I mean new dungeons or big 25 man raids, NOT skins:))

Yes! We want to expand how our worlds work when it comes to gameplay and we're going to add some additional gameplay in there as well as rewards.

Can you elaborate more on the player progression you spoke of a week ago?

Yep! I'll lightly spoil a few things we're working on:

  • Additional ways to advance in existing areas (levels, gear, etc.)
  • New ways to advance and play your class
  • New types of activities to unlock as you power up that give new types of rewards

Do you think we could have our own rankings for clubs so that we can customize them even more than we can now?

Long term we want to definitely be able to let you guys make custom ranks and to let individual people have their own zones.

For what it's worth we're looking at that as something we'll do after this next big update.

When will there be a fix for the old club list bug? (cant join or create any clubs)

When it comes to that club bug it's one we're still looking at, I'll make a note to personally take another look.

Are we going to be seeing a re-vamp of the Workbench to speed it up for some slower computers?

Yeah, we need to break out that workbench, it's getting a bit heavy.

And, do you have any hints for us in regards to the future of PvE? (I'm talking long-term)

The far out future of PvE isn't all that far!

The hints:

Will we get more badges, especially Shadow tower related? Badges and in general achievements keep the players active if the rewards are good enough.

Definitely want to make more.

As you pointed out the rewards are the key, and that's what takes the time. Now that we're all back in the office and full speed though we will be working up to doing more of those and other things.

Lunar Costumes. They're in the files, so will we see them soon as Lunar soul rewards?

Lunar Costumes still need VFX and since that's basically the same work as a new player costume we're holding off until the time is right.

In the case that you intend to nerf the Surestrike emblem, or others, will you attempt your best to try and mitiage the losses people with Critical Damage as second stat on ALL gear would possibly suffer?

If we change Surestrike it will probably be to 'nerf' synergy, but most likely we'll just add more crit rate to gear over time.

Do your plans for progression involve more gear tiers, higher Uber worlds and harder Shadow Towers? (Shadow Hydra boiz)

Yes! Harder everything!

Will there be a sale on personal chest tabs soon?

I'd like to do another sale on inventory in general at some point, let me get back to you on when.

Will there be another "randomize 2nd stat" event soon for equipment?

No plans to run another randomize 2nd stat event, but I'd like to do that too. It was a little janky on our end to do it so we'd need to do some extra work this time to make it better.


Are there any plans to introduce a talents/specilizations of some sort or any other way of changing our abilities in-game?

We definitely want more ways to mix up your abilities in-game.

I want to know if there will going to be any "functional blocks" that do something like push other blocks, light up,etc.

We want to add more functional blocks but they run the risk of slowing our servers down if we're not careful, and that makes it a bit harder than a single player game.

Is Trove gonna have a Main quest chain? We get something like that at the beggining with the tutorial explaining parts of lore?

We do have some plans to expand the lore - more info on that in the future! It's the one area I don't like to spoiler until it's out.

Will there ever be a mount like Ganda, not only in rarity but in neat mechanics such as it is...

Definitely. We'd love to hear suggestions too, this is actually harder than it sounds.

We already have inventory slot coins that you can buy/trade, would you consider adding a variation of these for personal chest slots? Maybe price them up a bit compared to actually unlocking the slots directly with credits?

Interesting idea. I could see us doing that.

When will Voxel Savant ($2500) and Pixel Master ($1000) rewards be fulfilled? Specifically “crafted in thy name” and “kingdom come.” I didn’t contribute that much, but I personally feel for them since it’s been a while.


We're working our way up the list for supporters. The people who were supposed to get their name in game just got that put in internally and will go live soon. It turns out those were really hard to fulfill (actually getting people to reply to our emails) and so I'd probably not do something exactly like that again without collecting the names and info right away.

Is “Design Your Doom” still happening or was that shadow towers?

Design your Doom I believe was the Dragonfire Peaks (which is something we'd like to try again).

Originally each class was going to pair off with a biome. Has this plan changed?

Our class design is still to get it to fit with a major theme in the game, but it's no longer restricted to biomes (Revenant was PvP).

When is the underground update?

Underground update has been delayed due to wanting to set up a better framework for it. I'll be able to talk about this more once we reveal more details about the next update.

Will the future party system include chat bubbles?

What kind of mini-game content can we look forward to in the future? (ring courses that light up when passed, mount racing, more action blocks, etc.)

Would like to add more arenas with special rules, no ETA.

Any plans to add Metallomancer in the distant future? I found references to it while compiling lore. Murdering everything with the power of death metal would be incredible.


Will there be another dragon after the Starlight one right now? Will it be a community made dragon?

There will be more, but we may actually briefly retire them before coming back with a new system. More info on this in the weeks ahead.

Will the mimic blocks mimic usable things, like chests and workbenches? How about blocks like turrets and updrafts?

Nope, just decorative blocks.

Would like an update on the Trove Early Adopter rewards.

The remaining early adopter rewards we're working on from the bottom up. If you should have gotten your name in game (and we got it from you!) those are going in soon (they're on the internal build now). And we're going to re-reach out to the higher tiers, since we didn't get replies I'm concerned that our emails were filtered.

Also wondering about Clubs 2.0 and the progress so far.

Clubs 2.0 are in planning, this next update is focused on personal character progression since we felt that was lacking as well.

Will we see doors, textured blocks and animated decorations added to Trove soon? (pwetty pwease).

These are good ideas for next up builder improvements. We need to do some things to make sure they don't smash our servers or other player's framerate, but we've got ideas there.

Recent patches had Chaos Chest exclusives Originally, we would obtain SOME "preview content" in CC, then we could obtain  through legitimate gameplay. Can we expect to see any of these new exclusives obtainable through gameplay?

I agree our new gameplay content has been light this last month. We have a few pieces that will be going out as gameplay only.

Can we see any new club features to come in the near future? 

The roadmap for this year focuses on the individual progress improvements and then heads towards clubs, so expect that trajectory. Definitely agree that we'll get a lot out of it, but I think it's worth delaying briefly for reasons we'll soon get to talk about.

Are there plans to improve upon the current hub concept within Trove? Many elements feel rather old, going back all the way to alpha, as we grow, more structures are added, making much of the hub feel squeezed together.

The hub needs a refresh for sure.

While we understand a party system is underway, can we get an estimate of how far down the road? This would greatly benefit nearly all aspects of Trove.

The party system is something that we're currently planning on weaving in with improvements to joining and playing in shadow towers. I'd actually love additional input on what you guys want from it.

When can we see better testing functionality for PTS? 

We have another producer (Rich!) on the project now. He's doing some things to help our team's internal process right now and then he's going to help straighten out PTS as well. Due to the additional 'cheaty' aspect of the server it's also likely that we will lock it down more as well as open up shortcuts.

Can the hub 'refresh' be turned into a community contest?

I'm totally down for that.

Is it true that radiants won't start dropping until your magic find is above 300 or is that just something that players made up?

Made up, it just gets more likely the higher it gets.

I've seen "combo" packs for patron equivalent in other games - you pay a slightly higher monthly fee but you get patron access in all the companies games. Any thought of something like that for Trion?

No plans right now. Those are often hard to maintain and sell compared to per-game Patron. We much prefer to run cross game promos for play, especially since we're primarily free to play these days.

I know we're getting 10 patron days, and all the perks you're giving are much appreciated. What about chaos chests that we would normally be able to get during this time? Are there any ways to make sure our chaos factor stacks over those days?

Unfortunately we can't trigger those. I'll see if we can run a double chaos factor week soon to make up for it.

You guys got something cool coming to chaos chests again soon? Like untradeable chaos coins

We are brainstorming ideas for a 'Shadow Ganda' so I hope that fits the bill (probably pretttty rare though, whenever it goes in).

Any thoughts on banner styles?

Banners will most likely not get styles - the look is part of the chase.

Will anything be done to deal with all these utterly dead clubs that simply take up all the cool club names? :/

We need to do a name cleanse on long gone player names if nothing else in the relatively near future. Clubs may also get a similar treatment.

Can we get a change with the daily bonuses?

Still plans to update this. No ETA yet though. Probably will tie it in with some of the newer game mechanics as well.

When will the alternate Lunar Lancer heads be added to the barbershop?

Still in the works but no ETA right now. Not super soon, but we're also looking at player modded heads for this, so if you see any good ones let us know.

Are there any plans for optimizations for 2k+ resolutions? The UI gets blurred and text gets unreadable after 1080p

No plan right now, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't look at it. I don't know when we'll be able to get to it, but can you send me a message with more details?

Dragon mounts have higher utility, but people might want to use another appearance. Could we have dragons slotable in the wings slots?

We agree! Going to try to do something like that in the future and also add some cool bonuses to other super rare mounts.

Can we get some info on how you plan to power up the classes (Would love to hear about Neon Ninja)

I can't spoil more than I already have right now, but hopefully soon we'll be able to talk about it.

Is there plan for dying costume?

No plans, it requires a lot of work to look good and in our case we just spend that making more costumes.

Will we see old Adventure Boxes return?

We have brought back old ones before and will definitely do so again.

There is a way to get old mount? (I saw the 2 with LL pack on the wiki and i m in love with them but i dont find anywhere to get them >.<")

Some mounts only show up sometimes. Those have been in chaos chests before and also came back on the store in the pack. I'm sure they'll show up again!

Any plans to maybe get rid of some of the RNG side of things in Trove? The game feels too reliant on RNG for events.

We used lootbox karma last time around and I think that's a pretty good way to do it. Agree that the RNG was too high on those.


That's all the time I have today. Thanks for stopping by and especially thanks for playing Trove.

It's hard to believe how far we've come this year and I look forward to getting some great updates out (including this downtime behind us) and getting to share even more Trove with all of you.

If you want to catch up with me or ask any other questions the best place besides Trove itself is Twitter (

See you all next time!

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