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Created: September 20, 2016
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Posted on Kaevon The Oblivion mod

Fantastic as usual aino, in my personal opinion the fists are really large and feel more suited to a melee style, and the wings seem out of place.

However, as usual you have blown me away with the quality of your mod. :)

I wasn't expecting to make this acceptable to the game. This is why I gone wild with wings and weapon style also theme, totally not going to fit Trove at all.

Posted on Blackwargreymon mod

wow! absolutely awesome!

Personally not a huge fan of the helm, however the costume over all is fantastic. Great job!

Posted on Realy Bad Royal Ranger art

I think its cute!

Posted on THE ICE SAGE art

this is amazing! do I see some final fantasy inspiration? 

Posted on Immortal gunslinger art

I really like the atmosphere you have going in this, nice job!

Posted on Wine Red T0mb R4iser art

This is really cool, I really like your style

Aww, Thank you so much !!! ♥(ˆωˆԅ)

Posted on Submarine mod

I love this!

Posted on Ready Roast art

Posted on Murderer CB mod

Posted on Mr. Chesterson mod

is cute, that will be all

Posted on Qubesly / Derpesly art

Posted on style

Currently Unobtainable Through non-preview means

Posted on style

Currently Unobtainable

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