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Created: January 5, 2018
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I forgot to resize the thumbnail image and ended up with this blurry piece :'p . . ahh . . my bad ! . Im happy how it turn out tho ! . :pizza:

hey i redrew the thing i said i'd redraw

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is a fanfic char  . . DoTM alternate . . idk if this allowed . . remove if not . . ( people might confuzle ) ! kay

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fishing it's good for MR I LOVE FISHING 

Give us something to look forward to instead of talking about food.

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When the massive volcano erupted, it sent all the residents of the Peaks into a panic, and they all stampeded away from the deadly pyroclastic flows. Unfortunately, that lead many of them to the edge of a cliff...where they jumped down safely and made a&n

I wanted to draw something hopeful :3

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Didn't have much time this month, but I hope this looks alright! :DD

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