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back from trips! I always prefer cities with neon lights :3

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Big Game Knights Costumes: Knight

The Big Game is close, but why wait? This mod replaces both the level 10 and level 20 knight costumes so you and your friends can play out a Trove Game in style!

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https://twitter.com/To_Set_You_Free/status/1045329313594204160 sorry, I don't have good camera!

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Bomber Royale Mode Sets its Sights on Trove

Etaew May 10, 2018 1 8

An exciting twist on battle royale gameplay, Bomber Royale is coming to Trove!

Finally got my hands on this Vanguardian figurine and it looks amazing. It even comes with additional fist weapons and hair styles...

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"..Laugh it up, fuzzball."

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nothing better than hot cocoa :)