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Neon city x Luminopolis with NN

(・ω・) Which ally do you like the most?

A green guy and a beautiful unicorn =3

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Completely done with pixelart.Nature's Embrace 55 color palette.This work will be uploaded to my web galleries after the contest!

Recently switched to Blender so I've been playing with it for the last month or so... <- it moves

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and congrat 1k likes!!! UwU

to be honest. i really dont like how this turn out. . . if so, hated, why?. . its **really** sketch-y. color too de-saturated (ithink). un-fit atmosphere. wrong perspective?.. heck that's the main one. aagghh.. i like the frost one more.. least Junebug an

"whether you rule your army as 'that' Q'bthulhu puppet or you can rule the darkness as your own".

To celebrate the launch of Trove - Heroes we commissioned this custom plushie as a gift to Trion. It didn't make it in time for launch and you may see it on a future livestream but we wanted to let people see it.

Quick practice doodle \o/

It happens to the best of us... and Virum, you got a good point. Those things ARE pretty precious and unobtainable.

NETA →  Kekeflipnote Animation