In Game Chats That are Useful

August 14, 2015 by [Deleted User]

This will teach you how too use Trove's in game chat too effectively do what you find people too either trade, chat, or do stuff. 

Some Commands you should know beforehand :


|Commands    | Description                                | Syntax                    


| /1                  | Send Message In Global Chat       | /1                            |


|/2                   |Send Message In The World Chat  | /2                           |   


| /join number  | Number is replaced by a number, | /join "number"         |

                       |  which will change chat.               |

| /leave | Leave a chat channel.  | /leave "channel name" or "channel #" |

| /say | Send a message to players          | /s or /say |

          |that are within 40 blocks of range.|

| /whisper | Send a private message to another player; | /whisper or                                       |   user must be online to receive messages. |  /w    "playername"

| /c1-5 | Sends messages in club channels 1 through 5 | /c1-5                  
| /reply | Send a reply to the last whisper you received | /r or /reply                  
Thats some of the basic commands of chat.                  
Now onto the various channels you can vist that will be useful to you.                  

A chat for Price Checking is : /join price 

Here you will find people too tell you how much an item is worth.


A chat for Trading is : /join trade 

Setup trades with other people to trade for items you want.


A chat for Shadow Arenas is : /join sa

Find people who want too do Shadow Arenas together as a group.


A chat for Sky Realm is : /join sky

Giant farming, Radiant Shard farming, and cloud farming groups you can find.


A chat for Recipes : /join recipe

People who are willing too share they're recipe lairs they have founded with other people.


A chat for Fishing : /join fishing

A chat too help you catch rare fish or trade rare fish.


A chat for Adventures : /join adventure

Find groups too go out on adventures doing whatever you want.


A chat for sunlight blubs : /join sunlight

Used for farming giant sunflower structures with other people.


A chat for challenges : /join challenge

Groups of people that are currently doing challenges


Thats only some of the chat channels within trove, you can always make your own chat room with your friends also something like a club, so you can always talk too each other.

Anyways that is all hope you found this guide useful in some way.


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