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August 11, 2015 by BloodmouthCarnist


What is a club? A miserable pile of biomes slapped together? Perhaps. It can also be a beautiful masterpiece, filled with tons of creations.

Either way, a Club is a world people can call 'Home', where they can build and mingle with other members.




Why make a Club World?

That's a very fine question, Timmy.

By creating a Club World, you can craft a Club Chest, and Club Officer Chest, letting you store more items. You can allow other people to build on your land, make giant buildings and have hundreds of members.

You also gain access to your very own Club Chat, being vastly better for talking than to whisper one another instead of paying attention in class.

Joining/Inviting to a Club

To join a club, the only pre-set requirement is for the person to be online. For an officer or leader, they can invite a person by going into the club menu, going into the specific club and hitting the Invite button.

Any person can join or be the owner of a total of 5 clubs.

Creating (and destroying)

"But what if I'm scared that someone will ker-splode everything I've worked so hard to build, block for block?"

A valid concern! There are four ranks in a Club. The Leader, Officers, Architects and Members.

As a Leader and Officer, you have access to /zonerestrict. The syntax works within a biome, for example: /zonerestrict architect would limit building privileges to members of the club that hold the Architect rank, for the biome you're currently in. (Officer, Architect, Member, Nobody)

Creating (and destroying) Part 2

Another part of the club worlds that are unique to them is the ability to terraform, adding biomes, or REPLACING them.

Every club world starts out as a single biome amidst a sea of regret, which hurts at least twice as much as the collective feelings of everyones' tears required to create the sea.

Crafting Frames, as well as using them to craft specific biome Terraformers, Officers and the Leader can spawn a new node of land to build on, or destroy it utterly.

Something to keep in mind when using a terraformer is to carefully look over the entire area it could affect, and to keep three things in mind:

  • Terraformers can be used everywhere in the world by someone with proper permissions
  • They can, and will, overwrite what they can to make the biomes work well together (including creations inside a biome being overwritten, or on the edge of a biome next to the one you want to terraform)
  • They cost a lot, dude, like, a LOT!


What if someone is being annoying?

Spamming and the like can be quite a nuisance. As Officer or Leader, you can /kick name to boot a person out of the club world, and, via the Club Menu(P), remove someone from the club.

So what are the ranks, anyhow?

Leader is best. Usually the creator of the club, and usually only one person. Several can be appointed as Leader, but this should be done with extreme caution as anyone that has Leader can do anything, including kicking other Leaders.

Officers are the second hand leaders. They can change zone restrictions, kick people, invite people, promote, use Terraformers and demote others up to Architect.

Architects are simply people who have been allowed to build within Architect, Member and Nobody restricted zones.

Members simply means everyone else who is in the club. 

Other commands

Most are doable through the Club menu, and a comprehensive list can be found Here

An important one that is very useful is /club log clubname which will list a good sum of things that has happened recently, including:

Destroyed/Added Block Count (per person)

Objects Added/Removed from chests (per person and object)

Promotions, Demotions and Invites (per person)

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I want to place fixture in my club but it says I need to be level one to get the rally of heroes, my club is level 0.