Neon Nightsky Edition Patch Notes

March 9, 2015 by cantafrond

The Neon Nightsky Edition patch notes have been published! The update is scheduled to arrive on 3/10/15. Maintenence will begin at the usual 7:00 AM PST start time and should last for about three hours.





  • A new set of wings, the Neon Nightsky (designed by Tribe and Comply), can now be crafted from your Crafting BenchThis will not be easy or cheap!
  • The community will need to come together to find the location of the four hidden crafting stations before you can even attempt to craft these impressive wings.





  • When using Join in your friends list or /joinme, the joining player is now teleported to the current location of the other player.
  • Fixed a bug where mass looting could fail if you are targeting a piece of loot or a usable object. 
  • Deconstructing equipment for materials will now also save the equipment's style to your collection if you don't already have it. Style Savers have been rendered obsolete and converted into Deconstructors.
  • Mag Riders now trample grass and other collectibles like mounts do.
  • Seasonal spring ladybugs have emerged from their eggs and now roam the hub worlds.
  • The game will no longer crash when placing monorail tracks in flowing liquids.
  • Players should now get Vox the black budgie in RIFT when reaching level 20 on any class! 



  • Chaos Chests have been randomized. Discover what new treasures they hold this week!
  • This week's Chaos Chests preview Pemborg the Robo Corgi!
  • Blood Knight and Sharp Shooter Costumes are now on the store and in the costume mystery box!
  • Dance Pad is now on the store! 



  • You no longer lose magic find when dying in a club world!
  • Club logs are capped to 2000 lines.
  • You can now kick out non-club members or lower-ranked club members from club worlds. 




  • Fixed a bug where the Rapt Berserker passive would trigger when Dracolyte's Burnt Offering exploded.



  • Enemies snared by the Neon Ninja's stasis attack are no longer knocked back by attacks.



  • The Radiant Arrow ability now charges 30% faster.
  • The Sun Snare trap now lasts 10 seconds down from 20. '



  • Shadow Arenas and Dungeons now drop Shadow Shards instead of Flux.
  • A representative of the Shadow Market has begun appearing in Shadow Arenas and Shadow Dungeons!
  • Exchange your Shadow Shards at the representative for Shadow Caches, which contain eyes and tentacles. There's also a rare chance at wings, as well as a Heart of Darkness!
  • Should you get lucky and find a Heart of Darkness, the Shadow Market will gladly take those of your hands in exchange for some extra-shadowy goods. But what value do these hearts hold for this mysterious being? Should you really be furthering its possibly-nefarious agenda? Are you sure you want to be trafficking with beings of shadow...? 



  • Permafrost and Dragon biomes no longer have Formicite or Infinium veins and now spawn more of their respective elemental ore types.
  • Other biomes now spawn fire ore much less.
  • The Neon City Pinball dungeon should now generate correctly. 

 Top ^


  • Have multiple stacks of components? Crafting can now use items from all of your stacks!
  • Shadow Keys no longer costs Glim to craft, and now cost additional gems and fragments



  • Block-meshes now switch to LOD proxies in the distance. This should help performance in dense vegetation such as farms. Use /loddistance (valid values 15-96, default is 60) to increase or decrease LOD distance. 



  • Fixed a bug where wing sounds would persist after entering a portal while flying.
  • Fixed a bug where liquid sounds would play infinitely after fighting NPC's in liquid.
  • Fix to non-positional sparkly sound caused by other Shadow Hunter - SharpShooter Skins firing weapons.


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