Dear community,

our servers are back online and the Trove team has prepared a lot of things for you!

In order to spice up the looks of our delve building even more, new decorations have been added. In addition, the awesome pictures of our Loading-Screen Art Contest will be seen during the game's loading screens.

There has been made some changes to the event daily adventures, as well as to the Mount-Collections.

However, that's not all! We want to say thank you to all our players who are consistently reporting Bugs and feedback! Some of those are already fixed with this patch!

Log in and see for yourselves!

The following patch notes are only available for the PC version of the game. Here is an overview of today's patch:

Thanks for your patience.

Enjoy your time in Trove and happy gaming!

Best wishes,
your Trove team


  • The delve building now has some shiny new decorations!
  • Added "Contest Master Mask" to the promo section of faces.
  • Winners of the Trove Loading Screen art contest have been added to the Loading Screens.


  • Mastery Rank 10 is now required to participate in all event daily adventuress. Previously it was only required for some event daily adventures.
  • Slightly rearranged the order of the mounts in the events section of collections to be more temporally correct.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the shadow vault deltalith from erroneously showing up on depths above 25.
  • Boomeranger chickens, Tomb Raiser subclass minions, and Flask minions now all use their owners' Light stat.
  • Vanguardian should no longer have bonus jumps in inappropriate situations.
  • Stealthed Neon Ninjas can now walk through the Blocky Components present in the Neon Underground delve biome.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Shadow Tower bosses in Delves from dropping mounts.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Primordial Pit boss mementos from dropping.
  • The tradable allies from the pressure locked chests can now be deconstructed back into a single pressure locked chest.
  • Fixed a misnamed memento for the Black Pirrot Captain.
  • Shadowy Banner recipe rarity is now consistent with other recipes.
  • Once Sunfest begins, players should not die on joining an in-progress boss fight.
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