Low Rent Cost Tutorial

March 2, 2020 (updated 5 months ago) by Pipinka

TROVE - Low Rent Cost Tutorial (The Cloud Citadel)
Save even 40% of clubits spent on your powerful fixtures setup



Rent cost without using rent reduction fixtures: 5070
Rent cost with this method: 3055
Saving: 2015 CLUBITS!


Summary Notes by Waterpain:

Start from picking 3 cheapest rent fixtures from each category.
Make sure you start AFTER reset.

Remove the following: (Cheapest in this setup)

1) Ultimate (yellow) Effigy of Potent Opulence
2) Utility (purple) Mount Menagerie
3) Combat (red) Shrine of Resilience

Place rent reducers

1) Ultimate (yellow) Effigy of Frugality
2) Utility (purple) Scenic Belltower
3) Combat (red) Shrine of Efficiency


 -> Pay rent <-


Remove utility and combat rent reducers

1) Combat (red) Shrine of Efficiency
2) Utility (purple) Scenic Belltower

Place the following in their original spots:

1) Utility (purple) Mount Menagerie
2) Combat (red) Shrine of Resilience

Remove ultimate rent reduction fixture (Replace it last as it works for all categories)

1) Ultimate (yellow) Effigy of Frugality 

Place the following back in it's original location:

1) Ultimate (yellow) Effigy of Potent Opulence
2) 300 clubits can be placed in the club vault



Fixtures cost summary:



Fixtures Setup:

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