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Costume VFX and Great Crafting Station Consolidation Edition

October 21, 2014 by Trove Forums
  • New Frontier dungeon from Cretoriani
  • Costumes now have VFX
  • The Cube Converter now has all block recipes 
  • The Workbench now has all decoration recipes
  • The Crafting Station now has all crafting station recipes
  • Biome workbenches, other cube converters, and the formicite and infinium crafting benches no longer have any recipes attached to them
  • The shadow key is now crafted in the 'V' menu
  • The Awesome Ball is now available in the store
  • Craters should no longer occur where 3 zones touch. 
  • The Shadow Arena's "ready room" is now home to a style saver and a personal chest
  • Interacting with the Mag Rail Speed Changer and Mag Rail Booster now plays a sound 
  • The undead Shadow Arena quest should no longer get stuck on the third wave of spawns
  • Stepping on a Launchpad now plays a sound and launches more consistently 
  • Shader update - Fixed DirectX cross-compatibility 
  • Players and Pets no longer cause in-world tooltips to disappear if they walk front of you. 
  • Mastery rank now appears in the friends list for friends who are online 
  • Added experimental DirectX renderer. Add "Device = DirectX" under the [Rendering] category in Trove.cfg ( %appdata%/Trove/Trove.cfg ) to test it out! 
  • Enemies are now more likely to lose aggro if you are trying to escape them 
  • New items from Estherix, taiN, Arull, ArtyCutie, Tribe, Thresio and Milambit have been added to the game. 
  • New items from Spoink, MoonFlake, SirWuf, TheMagicalChawkzhel, MajorTom, Talita, Skalpos, aFamilyMember, WaffleBoy, MrGeek, Goldworthy, BluePixel, Acenovar, Mot, Maneledo, Mandalorian, Wolkodav7, Orekei, Estherix, Tsukiyo, Grapher, The_King, Mitchell, MaggotF00D, Zyron, BryanVI, rosetta, Yalfoosh, Sukinato, Astrum, klosax, Nezz, Curtharv, DarKobalt, Tzavok, BeastWagon, SAOgamer, Nissalee, Gradepuxi, ThatGuyNex, Hexji, Lelouch, TehRedReaper, Blindside, Stedms, RisinHero, TheSlayer, Milambit, Aviarei, and Swashbuckler have been added to the game!


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