How to have a good start

February 22, 2019 by VVMasterKing

My way to have easy and fast power rank.

PR=power rank

flux=currency of the game


1. Chose a class

i prefer gunslinger, candy babarian or dracolite because it can do shadow towers and uber world farm. But your fisrt class is of your choise.

2. Tutorial

follow the tutorial. Simple.

3. Uber 1

You don't have alot of flux so you can't buy stellar at the moment.

3.1 Uber 2

If a week has passed it's normal this is a grindy game.

3.2 Uber 3 

Money. Try to search for recipie dungeons they give you Neon city scrap boxes. Easy flux if you sell robotic salvage.

3.3 Uber 4

Maybe you had luck to buy a stellar with good stats for <15flux, it's a big PR boost.

3.4 Uber 5

With stellar gear it shoud be easy. Buy pearls to enhance your gear but don't use more than 5 because you will replace it soon.

And you are getting empowerd gems, search for 3 stars radiant for the minimum.

Craft bombs and go under ground cave mining to get ore to sell or level up Ringcrafting Skill.

4. True grind

Did you reach Uber 5 under a week and get stellar gear. If so good for you less time grinding.

If no did you do your shadow towers for titan soul to craft titans treasure, open the or sell them, easy flux.

5. Last

Are you 5k PR and level 20. Go to Geode top side and farm nitro to craft crystal weapon or sell for flux.

Done don't farm Uber 8 until you are capable of not dieing, flasks alowed.




Must things to do

Use your cubits to buy Arcane or Martial emblem.

Buy Rapt beserker or prefect pinguin.


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