Sire GlowDonkia's Vanguardian Build

November 25, 2018 by GlowDonk

Here is a way to make a Sire GlowDonkia Build if you wanna be like the creator of the GlowDonkian Realms himself

Heya, GlowDonk here. This is my very first Guide, and I'm here to help you have Sire GlowDonkia's powers for YOUR Vanguardian.


AS = Attack Speed

ER = Energy Regeneration

PD = Physical Damage

CD = Critical Damage

CH = Critical Hit

MD = Magic Damage


First things first, you must need AS, ER and PD for it. You can add a bit of CD and CH to it if you like the extreme damage from Crits.

Then you must need to have the required PR for getting to the Everdark (5000-10000 PR for U8 and U9 respectively). You have to go there because of the Class Gem of the Vanguardian, it is quite useful to have since it reduces the Cooldown for both your M1 AND your Ult attacks, so that means you can switch from The Sire Pummel (Melee Mode) to The Sire Chain Beams (Ranged Mode) on the fly...

Oh yeah, you can use a very expensive ally to reduce that Cooldown and that is...


Lil Burgie: the Cooldown Recovery Speed is like Chronomancer Qubesly's but with a PD Stat instead of MD, since that is quite useful for Shadow Towers and sometimes Classic PVP

Rapt Berzerker: I kinda don't recommend this one for the Sire's build, but do at the same time since it's quite a good Ally to use if you don't have enough Flux for Lil Burgie. Sadly, it doesn't grant Cooldown Recovery Speed, but it DOES grant a 15% health heal and a speed increase, which is good for Farming or Dungeon Crawling


That is all for me, have some fun with my Vanguardian Build. I guess

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