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Everything Edition Patch

February 23, 2015 by Trove Forums

A new patch has been announced, highlights include:

  • 3 New Mounts
  • Double Glim from adventuring for this week
  • Half price on Winter Pinatas this week, after that they are gone from store

Continue reading for the full patch notes.




  • Chaos Hound can now be acquired!
  • Scoops the Panda can now be crafted from the workbench!
  • The Treasure Isles pirate vendors have a new robotic feline mount for sale, Gadget Cat!



  • For this week only all glim gained from adventuring is doubled!


  • For this week only, all Winter Pinata Credit prices are 50% off! After this week is over, they will no longer be for purchase until next year!




  • Added hidden face and hidden hat appearances. You can now hide your mask or hat by selecting a "hidden" appearance in your character sheet.
  • Fixed origin portal bug where the portal could be spawned inside and through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where destroyed Radiant Prisms leave behind collision volumes that block projectiles.
  • Fixed bug where Rapt Berserker's passive effect spawned when non-NPC entities died.
  • Added /laugh, /cry, /shrug emotes.
  • You can now run over with your mount and use the mining laser to destroy harvesting nodes in the world.
  • Water is much easier to jump out of now.



  • Increased club world capacity to 48 players.
  • There is now a 'Liked Worlds' screen which will show you all worlds you've liked and allow you to join them). Press 'Y' to access this screen.
  • Club logs have gone in! You can use the slash command "/club log [clubname]" to see your club's recent activity. Logs start today - unfortunately we don't have historical data saved.



  • Fae Trickster's decoys now mimic his/her emotes.


  • Fixed bug where enemies would aggro Shadow Hunter's Sun Snare.
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter's Sun Snare could be hit by enemies.


  • The water table for the ocean has risen! The Sea of Regret is now very, very deep in adventure worlds.
  • Magmen and Molten Lords now have a chance of dropping their corresponding trophy.
  • Snow Spirit trophy names have been changed slightly to better differentiate them.


  • Radiant Giants now sometimes drop Radiant Caches. These contain shards, blank scrolls, the Radiant Corona helm and rarely a Radiant Steed.
  • Radiant Giants now have more stability and their guaranteed drop has been reverted to Legendary quality.
  • Radiant Giants again drop 8-11 Radiant Shards.
  • Radiant Giants now have a chance of dropping their trophy when slain.


  • The Shadow Dungeon staging area no longer contains a Rejuvenation Station.
  • The Cybercore dungeon in Neon City will now spawn properly.
  • The Seamist Cave dungeon in Treasure Isles will now spawn correctly.


  • Fixed missing portal sounds, potion portal spawn sound heard at a greater distance, multi-jump sound support added for player.
  • Fixed audio bug where water block emitter persists.
  • Fixed Wing Sounds Stopping in Flight after a while.
  • Tweaked the dragon bioime's underground ambiance.
  • Slight change to raining ambiance when flying.
  • New version of ORE Break Sound.


  • "This is not in your collection" is no longer shown on ring tooltips.
  • Fix for non-item tooltips sometimes showing "Cannot be traded".


  • A new hairstyle by Subtitles has been added to the game!
  • New staff styles by Narvec_Iro, FrozenCross, yeronix, MediocrityGoggles, InfineonJ, GadgetCAT, QAQlll, CrimsonBlaze, MetalTxus, and chocobag have been added to the game!
  • New mask styles by LOLpistachioNuts, MiszterSoul, Cyriljda351, Smorph, Nomeneta, Humpypants, Screamheart, and Floretha have been added to the game!
  • New Desert Frontier lair from PokeyBloke.
  • New Fae Wilds lair from Zerock.
  • New Fae Wilds lair from Insaint.
  • New hat styles by zoopy1000, Leeon, MiszterSoul, Variableingwer, Arradir, Aviarei, Astrum, Stedms, Mansage, Sqwyt, FriedSushi, Qoaleth, Floretha, Dave203
  • New Dragonfire Peaks dungeon from Condorspark. 
  • New melee weapon styles by Hordik, Furler, BadSniper, Kroveyin, Ridelith, Lyean, Dusty_Mustard, Stedms, LeonSteamhawk, Paper97, Zeeg, Erudito, Smearg, LETAL1TY, aggeaf, and Walyn have been added to the game!
  • New Shadow Dungeon from Cretoriani.
  • New bow styles by Nomeneta, Mythlit, MrTuffnStuff, xGhost, Mitsuki_, 5p3x, HandofGod, Tribe, Faulted, Aodahn, StreetBull, RosesKnight, Eriri, PokeyBloke, TeeKayM, Voodoo, LappeN, TigerLove, Khali, Naturemon, EimeiHikari, Sylvaeri, Agazork, Rokiux, Tenku, PinkNekoGirl, Porkify, Aatros, Prototype, FriedSushi, Necra, Lucifuge, Pupshies, Drakfyre, skyman5667, MonsterAnt, Zsword, OreoKirby, VladimirPoutine, Lethalios, Khali, QAQlll, Ghautemoc, CloBunny, Furler, Haibun, Mot, penguinKing and KyroVision have been added to the game!


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