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Megalithic Is Live! News

Posted June 27, 2017 by Etaew (PC) and viewed 584 times.

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Megalithic Update!

Dive headlong into a new adventure now that Trove’s Megalithic Update is here! Take on new challenges with Minigames, travel lands that time forgot with the Jurassic Jungle, face off against new prehistoric foes, and knock blocks off with the Dino Tamer class!

Dino Attack!

We’re celebrating the Megalithic launch with a brand new two week event – Dino Attack! Join us for special daily login rewards, nine all-new quests to fight off these cold-blooded invaders, and the sense of accomplishment you get from saving your home from invading dinosaurs, just like IRL.

Megalithic Update!

Extra Life

In addition to the dynamic dino action we’re also thrilled to introduce the Mega Menagerie pack to support Extra Life! Learn more about what this pack contains and how you can help us support the Children’s Miracle Network by clicking here.

Unleashed Chaos

Chaos Chests can be picked up as free drops from bosses in dungeons. Chaos Chests may contain Chaos Cores which can be used to craft every class in Trove as well as costumes, allies, wings, and mounts!

So Much More!

On top of all that we’ve got even more epicness to share:

  • A whole slew of new dragons land on consoles!
  • Starting in July we’ve revamped our daily login rewards to give you more control over what loot you choose to unlock.
  • Trove is now fully translated into both French and German for Trovians who play on consoles. If your console is set to FR or DE languages Trove will be in those languages automatically.

There is too much amazing stuff left to show off! Check out our PC or console patch notes for a full rundown of the Megalithic Update.

Whether you’re new to Trove, or returning to your journey, there has never been a better time to dive into the adventure!

Talk with us about the Megalithic Update on our forums!

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