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Updated Command List Guides

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Based on the command list from Trove Wiki; Updated by me, All commands go in the chat box obviously.

This guide uses the keybinds found in the PC and MAC versions only. [ESC -> Settings]

Gameplay Commands

/loc Displays your current XYZ location only.
/who Lists players who are in the same world as you.
/getxp : /xp Displays your current level and the amount of needed XP to level up.





Opens your friendlist (Pressing default O also does this)
Adds a player to your friend list.  Right-clicking name in chat also executes this.
Adds a player to your ignore list. Right-clicking name in chat also executes this.
Un-ignores an ignored player.
/acceptalfriends Adds all friends at once.
/store Opens the store window (Pressing default N  also does this).  
/respawn Forces your character to respawn.
/showhat Toggles your hat model on and off; keeps stats active.     [Hide Hat style does this as well]
/showface  Toggles your mask model on and off; keeps stats active.  [Hide Face style does this as well]
/quit  Forces the game to quit immediately.  
/getworldid Gets the "worldID" for the world you are currently in.  
/joinworld Join the world with the specified ID at your previous location,
i.e. /joinworld the trovian maestros or /joinworld 7117528595983641280
/joinme Sends a request to join you the requester's current location.  Right-click in chat does this.
/tutorial Teleports the player to the Tutorial World.
/kick Used in Club Worlds by high ranks and in Shadow Arenas aka Shadow Towers by their host to kick players.
/stats Shows some stats from you.   
/clearcornerstone Resets your cornerstone back to flat land. Everything on your cornerstone will be deleted!
/mastery Shows some mastery rank stats and experience.
/welcome Opens up the welcome screen. [Default V]
/testarena Allows you to start a PVP match in your club arena without waiting for 10 players. No Battle EXP will be gained.
/getbattleboxinfo See the current time toward your next Battle Box.
/debugtext Displays FPS, RTT (time taken to receive a response from the server after you make a command in the game), WorldRTT (latency), rexmit (sending data again) and coordinates of the player's location on the top left of screen.
/sortinventory Sorts your inventory alphabeticaly.
/help Shows you some commands.

Chat Commands

/1   ː  /2 Switches to the global chat and world chat resoectively.
/join Joins or creates another chat channel. You can simply use the chat channel ID to switch over into the respective channel.   e.g /join mining
/leave  Leaves a chat channel / number  e.g Mining chat.
/say  ː /s Sends a message to players that are within 40 blocks of range.   
/whisper ; /w ː /t ː /tell Sends a private message to another player; user must be online to receive messages.
/c1 ~ /c5 Switches to club 1 chat. This goes up to club 5
/reply ː /r Sends a reply to the last whisper you received. This does not apply to messages you've sent but have yet to receive a response to.
/dnd Do Not Disturb, while in dnd mode, players cannot whisper or invite you.
/hide Hidden Mode, while in hidden mode you appear offline to other players.    Toggleable in Settings under Social
/channellist What are my chat channels again?
/region What server location am I in?
/chatlist Lists people who are in the same chat channel.
TAB Highlights the entire message for quicker copying.
// <text> Inputs a message to the appropiate chat channel without switching first.

Chatrooms Any name can be used

/join price Accesses the price chat for price checking.   
/join trade Accesses the trade chat to set up trades with other players in the chatroom. 
/join st  Accesses the Shadow Tower (ST) chat to look for groups fighting STs. 
/join ladybug Accesses the Ladybug Invaders chat. Useful for finding groups that farm Ladybug Invaders. You must pick up these Ladybug Wings.
/join sky Accesses the Sky channel to set up groups to farm the Sky Realm for Radiant Giants, Radiant ShardCrystalized Cloud.  
/join recipe Find people to share biome speciific recipe lairs or block recipes via mining.
/join fishing Accesses the fishing chat to find people to fish with. This is useful for getting help catching rare fish.  DOC
/Join sunliight Accesses theSunlight Bulb chat.  Useful for Monday harvesting days.  Moonlight Bulb
/join mining Chat for finding people who want to go mining with other players forShapestoneFormiciteInfiniumGolden SoulPrimordial FlameSomber Soul   
/join dragon Official chat for theDracolatti(Candorian)Thallasion(Drowned Seas),Flakbeard, the Relentless(Drowned Isles/Treasure) World boss farm.      
/join hellbug❤️ Accesses the Hellbug Invader chatBashful Lovebug.FreeKill 50 Hellbug Monarchs in Defiance logging in with the same Glyph account. mount with completion of 50 Hellbug Monarchs kills in Defiance.
/join pumpkin Official chat for the Pumpkin Structures in the Peaceful Hills during Halloween or grown via Gardening.  Drak-O-Lantern
/join pinata🎊 Accesses the Pinata Invader event in which Pinata Coincan obtain Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings Pinatataur Hyped-Up Pinata.   Pick up these Lively Launcher wings that are dropped by Pin Invadors to be the life of the party.        Hyper Pinata EX 
/join tree❄️ Snowfestivus chat for the tree dungens that house the Subzero Snowflaketo craft Floating SnowflakeTannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidingsand the two droppablesPlethora o' PresentsBouncing Bauble
/join robot❄️ Snowfestivus chat for the Flameotron Mk. 2.Enchanted Snowballneeded to remove its shields; 300Darknik Gearneeded to craftG.R.Y.P.H 3000
/join tentacle St. Patrickday chat for the floating shadow lairs in Medieval Highlands for using 500Tentacle Slice to craft Tranquil Tentacle  St. Qubeslickfor completing the quest chain.  


/sit Makes your character sit.   
/pose Places your character into a battle-ready stance. (Also displays currently equipped wing0s and PVP banners).   
/epicpose    Places your character alng with your trusty mount into a truly epic stance.   Screenshot optional.
/💤ː /sleep Makes your character sleep😴 (Activates automatically if you are AFK for 10 minutes).    
/wave Makes your character wave his hand. 👋
/dance Makes your character dance.
/laugh Makes your character laugh. 😆
/cry Makes your character cry. 😢
/shrug Makes your character shrug.
/bow Makes your character bow. 🙇
/showoff No one likes a show off.
/prance Princess Prancy Pants required
/stomp Princey McEvilfacerequired


/club list Lists current info about your club(s)
/club Lists all club commands.
/club invite Invites a player to the club chosen.
/club leave Leaves a club.
/club promote    Grants a player in your club a one rank promotion.
/club demote Grants a player in your club a one rank deomotion.
/club kick Removes a player from the club.
/club makeprimary Givse priority to the chosen club over the others.  [Flag icon?]
/club log Displays the most recent edits to the club world and its inventories.
/renameworld Renames the world only, not club name!!
/zonerestrict Make a zone of a club world restricted to specific ranks.
Build Mode/Tab + Map shows you the zones


/hideplayer Hides your character model.
/showplayer Shows your character model.   
/screenshot Stores a screenshot in your Trove folder; this does not include the UI.
/large_screenshot Stores a screenshot whose size is 2× the normal resolution to four files, and each screenshot is ¼ of the screen. Add two parameters to save more tiles (i.e.; /large_screenshot 3 3).
/timelapse Captures screenshots over a period of time; uses the camera angle from where the command is started; the minimum delay is 5 and the default delay is 20.     /timelapse [delay]
/showui Toggles the UI on/off; not recommended; use F7 instead.

Meta Forge (Microsft WindowsAppleonly)

/mf Brings you to the Meta Forge.
F9 Lets you fly around.  Hold SHIFT to go fast.
F10 Toggles the Cinematic Editor.
/weaponpreview    /wp¹  Lets you test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game.
/hairpreview ¹ Preview hair creations
/hatpreview ¹ Preview hat creations
/facepreview ¹ Preview face decoration creations
/decopreview ¹ Preview cornerstone decoration creations
/load ² Load a blueprint.
/save ²   Saves a blueprint. (You may also use /save after loading a blueprint to save over the last loaded blueprint)
/wadd ³ Adds a prefab to your inventory. The # is optional and specifies amount to be added, the default is 1.
These can be found in iv \Prefabs and its subfolders.
/dungeon ² Preview a dungeon fully assembled
/settime #         Set the time of day, or night. The maximum value is 24.
/timelapsedungeon²/stoptimelapsedungeon Show your dungeon being assembled for troubleshooting purposes
Cancel/Stop the /timelapsedungeon progression.
/floodfill Replace all connected blocks of the type your cursor is over with the one of you have equipped (like the paint bucket in paint
/replaceblock Replaces the targeted block with the block selected on your hotbar.


¹Where is the name of your blueprint. eg. /wp mysuperawesomegun,
²Where is the path to a blueprint file. eg. /load D:\Trove\DungeonRoom1,
³Where is the relative path to a blueprint file eg. /wadd placeable\mechanical\track for ⁴ \prefabs\placeable\mechanical\track.binfab
Where is the folder Trove is installed in.

GraphicsConsole users can set these as Custom Text

/drawdistance Changes your render distance; ranges from 32 to 210; default is 128.
/msaa Toggles on or off MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing).
/postfxaa Toggles on or off FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing).
/postbloom Toggles on or off the bloom effect - glow of luminance around visual effects 
/postdof Toggles on or off the depth of field effect. This will blur objects that are too close or too far from the camera.
/postedge Toggles on or off the black borders around objects; may not work properly.

Toggle on or off the lens flare effect. This is most notably visible by looking at the sun.

/postssao Enable or disable the shadows on blocks.
/shadercomplexity Toggles various shader effects; lower values will make it difficult to see in low light areas
/supersample Sets overall rendering strength; default is 1 (100%); 0 sets 50%, 4 sets 200%, and 10 sets 300%.
/vsync Toggles on or off the vsync (vertical sync) mechanic. Vsync will limit your framerate to your monitor's refresh rate.
/loddistance Increases or decreases LOD distance. (valid values 15-96, default is 60). 
/fxenable Doesn't render any visual effects.   Use this mod instead to preserve portal vfx
/retromode Toggles on or off 16-bit graphics; sets the supersampling to 25% and appears to limit the colors on screen. Gives a small FPS boost, but not recommended, since it's difficult to see anything.
/colorblind /colorblind [k] where k is: None | Protanomaly | Protanopia | Deuteranomaly | Deuteranopia | Grayscale {0~5}


/mastervolume Set the game master volume between 0 and 100; default is 25.
/gamevolume Set the game main volume between 0 and 100; default is unknown

❌Unusable Commands❌

/teleport Teleportation, but does not work for regular players
/uiscale Increases or decreases size of UI; may not work properly if set outside the silder range, Alt keyTab key, Windows keyCommand key or Quitting. {e.g. /uiscale .75} 
/bootypants I herd u leik boots  ☞DEV ONLY☜



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