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Notes from the most recent Trove Livestream containing future updates, changes and weekly Q&A Segments.


Trove Livestream Notes 23/12/16

Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

Second part of the Snowfest event, "Save the Season" which starts Jan 3rd to 16th. Has 7 steps of golden thread quest chain.

There will be a new boss added called Flamotron Mk II for the event which can be found in permafrost in special lairs.
It has a fire shield which requires Enchanted Snowflakes to deactivate which can be crafted via the Snowfest table in the hub.
It has 3 attacks, a melee, an AOE flamethrower and a lava mortar shot.
It also has 2 griffon minions that fight with it.

By defeating it you will get Darknik Gears which can be used to craft the G.R.Y.P.H 3000.

New mount that comes from present lairs will come with the update. Colourful gift carousel whereas the Plethora of presents mount comes from christmas tree lairs as a random drop

Crate 'O 300 gears is the next "pack" available for 3000 credits should you wish to purchase for making G.R.Y.P.H 3000 quicker

Questions and Answers Session


Bomb proof cornerstones?

One day, yes in the future, not soon

More orb mounts?

Open to new mounts but looking to see a more transformed concept not just a re-colouring

What is the hyped up pinata and pinata ex?

Don't know what you're talking about

Coloured names for total patron points?

Probably not, looking to keep that for game play stuff

Trust list on cornerstones?

Probably not, cornerstones are to be personal only

Club contests?


Easier ways to get dragon coins?

Just been updated but can be looked at and amended if necessary

Can we finally get Scytheplays on the creators program?

Will ask Avarem when back

Why is sprinkles still tradable?

Some old ones will return this way

Consider removing flux from the chaos crafter, some stuff cost more then it was before this update?

We can look at the amounts and discuss but this will be after we come back regarding the numbers

Update patron point system?

Would like to add some new things at some point.

More livestream's by Atronos making mounts, or some other dev doing Dev stuff rather then a weekly Dev stream showing off stuff?

Hopefully, maybe

Forum guide on optimizing VFX?

To summarise the answer, no guide, the team has decided that it should be left to a team member not from players. VFX mods can be accepted but they do get recreated from scratch. No longer accepting straight VFX files from the community.

Wonderful paragon wings for mastery 400?

mmm probably

Where do you find sunlight bulbs?

Still in the same place, peaceful hills.

How are logic gates coming along for building?

wont be the next big building thing were working on

Is there any reason the super magical costume is more expensive in the chaos crafter to make?

Its because it has more VFX

Any Chance to make the Little Dragon (from Dracolyte) and the Parrot (from Pirate Captain) in building mode translucent?

That's a good idea so it might be a thing

Gem tome grinding for exp coins for character?

Well be doing some gem updates in the next power update of next year

Any chance to change some of the snowfest costumes as they are just costumes and have no change to minions like dracolyte and pirate?

They will be looked at to try and sort them out

Any chance for more craftable costumes for other classes?


Any news on the lunar costume mystery boxes?

No idea what you're talking about

Any chance of getting fishing allies for every catchable fish?

We have one at the moment but very unlikely to make one for every fish.

What is the idea behind the Fae class gem?

It didn't work out, we'll adjust it

Any plans to change the current class contests?

Yes at some point

Can we get an ETA on the timing of the next mastery update?

Some time near the power update or maybe a bit before. Need to re-evaluate what it will be and theres a lot of talk about it considering we have so many players already at 400 and many new things being added to the game driving it up.

Will there be consideration of participation rewards for the minigames due to ping issues?

Were looking at this concern, be able to do something with it at somepoint?

What if i want to make minigames using the metaforge?

Hopefully its not too far out, want to make new improvements to it.

Why is Penta Forge a currency in the market?

Its a legacy thing, it will be swapped in the future

Any plans for the massive amounts of glim we've earned to spend on?

At some point maybe

Can we please have a rally blade that will tp us to a different world spawn instead of another player?

It's not a bad idea, well maybe look into something similar to this

Is there a chance of chaos core crafted prices being reduced?

We'll keep a eye on it

What are you doing over the holiday season?

Seeing family, playing games, getting refreshed

What was your favorite mod/project to work on this year?

Minigames turned out really fun to work on

Any cool ideas that you are willing to share about what you're planning for next year?

Eurgh, NPC's you can use in your club world

Where did the Avarem-juice go? Should drink that on stream 10/10

We are, but our own versions

What do you wish could of made it into a past update that was held back for reason?

Crafting inventory took longer than expected

Have you tried the Indian Cafeteria at the Cisco building? It's really good? No Ive been missing out

No Ive been missing out

Customisable settings for DND so to disable invites but still whisper?

Would like this personally

Something to restore first level gem after failed boosts?

Maybe but we have other gem changes planned

How is the extra life stuff going?

Its going well, the dragons are done being modelled, the costumes 3/4 are made and once done the mounts/allies/styles can be worked on.

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