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Patch - Prehistoric Preview - August 30, 2016 News

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Prehistoric Pack!
The Dino Tamer early access has arrived! Get your hands on this class before everyone else, exclusively available through the Prehistoric Pack!

The Prehistoric Pack contains:
  • The Dino Tamer Class
  • Jurassic Jungler and Road Warrior costumes
  • Laseratops Mount!
  • Two Club World Terraformers for the Jurassic Jungle Biome
  • 3 Class Gem Keys

Weekly Events
  • Event: Double Battle Experience for wins in the Battle Arena!
  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! This week's hot loot? Hairy Llary! A friendly, stylish Llama!

Additional Updates
  • Increased the amount of Lapis Luckbugs that can come from daily chests and gem booster boxes.
  • Non-tradable class coins can now be Loot Collected to turn them into experience coins worth the first 20 levels of xp! Also for a limited time they will also turn into a 3 day patron pass!
  • Experience Earned contest leaderboard now tracks only XP earned during the contest week instead of all-time XP. This will restart the leaderboard and any progress made on Monday of this week will not be counted.
  • Fixed bug where muzzle flash VFX didn't appear when firing mount cannons
  • Fixed bug where some mount cannons didn't play sounds when firing
  • Fixed a bug where the initial rotation of projectiles was slightly inaccurate.

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