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Leaderboards, introduced in the March 8 2016 Leader of the Block patch, added a new way to compete with your fellow Trovians. This guide will teach you what leaderboards are, how to access them, and what Leaderboard contests are all about--along with a few tips on how to maximize your chances of success in the weekly contests!

A new weekly contest begins!

Please note that all information is correct as of the last update to this article, made 2016-08-17. In some cases there is some uncertainty around specific details; these are indicated with an asterisk (*) at the end of the relevant sentence.

The Basics

Leaderboards are a way to compare your achievements to those of other Trovians. You can see where you rank on various stats compared to all Trovians, or just your friends--a great way to quickly settle disputes about who is better at something!

With the April 26 2016 Mantle of Power Expansion Launch patch, weekly contests were added to the Leaderboards. Now your achievements are worth more than just bragging rights--you can pick up sweet loot for your efforts as well!

To access the leaderboards, use the K hotkey, or access them from the V menu in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Leaderboard Screen

The Leaderboard screen is broken into three main sections:

  • On the left is a list of categories of leaderboards. Each category can be expanded, revealing a group of icons representing the leaderboards in that category.
  • In the center is the leaderboard rankings for the leaderboard currently selected in the left group. This includes the name of the leaderboard, a heart icon which allows you to add it to your favorites group, a selection for whether you want to see rankings for every player or just your friends, and the rankings themselves, showing ten players at a time with naviagtion buttons underneath to navigate between pages of the rankings.
  • On the right is a column listing the weekly contest information for the currently selected leaderboard. If the selected leaderboard is not currently part of a weekly contest, this column will contain some filler artwork instead.

Weekly Contests

Every week, Trion runs a set of contests based on leaderboard results, lasting the full seven days, with various prizes available to be won. The contests all start and end at the same time, 5:00 AM PDT* on Monday.

As of 2016-08-01, every week has included the following types of contests:

  • Three Class Power Rank contests. Three of the classes are selected and the rankings are based on each player's Power Rank (PR) with the chosen class.
  • One Overall Mastery Rank contest.
  • One "Stats" rank contest.

Additional contests may be added; for example, during the two week celebration of Trove's one year anniversary (from July 11-25, 2016) a sixth contest was added for blocks placed during each week.

With the August 16 2016 Daily Loot patch, a sixth contest was added with comments from the August 12 2016 Friday Trove Livestream suggesting that this contest will be a permanent weekly contest in future. The new contest is based on XP gained during the week.

The active contests for the current week will be listed under the Contests category in the left column.

Scoring and Prizes

The contest information (if any) for the selected leaderboard will be displayed in the column on the right. At the top will be the time remaning for the contest (rounded up), and below will be listed the five tiers of prizes available and what is required to earn each tier.

Initially, the tiers will all be greyed out; once you meet the criteria for a tier, the prize icon will be displayed in full colour and the background of the tier will change to a dark blue (or a light blue for the highest tier you have earned). A blue bar to the left of the tiers also indicates which prizes you have earned, and how close you are to earning the prize for the next tier.

There are two types of scoring that have been used in past contests:

  • Tiers based on Score (usually the bottom two tiers, when present) have prizes which are given to every player who reaches the score threshhold, regardless of their final rank.
  • Tiers based on Rank (usually the top three tiers) have prizes which are given only to players whose final rank meets the given criterion.

Prizes awarded are cumulative; you will receive the rewards for all tiers for which you have met the criteria.

After the August 16 2016 Daily Loot patch, the rewards for the various contets are broken down as follows:

  • Class power rank contests have two tiers based on score (2500 and 5000 PR) and three tiers based on rank (top 250, 25, and 1).
  • The master points contest has all five tiers based on rank (top 30 000, 10 000, 1000, 100, and 1).
  • The stats contests have two tiers based on score (values vary based on which stat is being measured) and three tiers based on rank (top 25 000, 2500, and 250).
  • The xp gained contest has all five tiers based on score (20 000, 100 000, 500 000, 2 500 000, and 5 000 000 xp gained).

At the time of this writing there is one bit of quirky behaviour with the display of the tiers. For example, if the contest is Blocks Placed with (a) the bottom two tiers based on scores of 1000+ and 10 000+, (b) the third tier based on Rank with a cut-off of 25 000+, and (c) you currently have placed 9500 blocks which puts you in rank 22 000, then the blue bar will be displayed 95% of the way up the fourth tier (indicating that you are at 9500/10 000) and the fifth tier prize will be in full colour, but the third tier will still be greyed out, even though you have met the criteria to earn that prize. Note that this is a display issue only, though, and if this is the situation at the end of the contest then you will be awarded the prizes for both the third and fifth tiers*.

Tips to Win Contests

Following are some guidelines on how to maximize your chances to win prizes at a few of the contests that have run in the past.

Class Power Rank

The class power rank contests are based only on your power rank for that class at the end of the contest on Monday morning.* Because of this, nothing you do during the course of the week matters; all you need to consider is where you leave your character the last time you play before the contest ends. (Of course, your class level and Mastery Rank both contribute to your PR, so you want to maximize those--but if you're reading this guide then you're probably doing that to the best of your ability already!)


The easiest thing to do is make sure that you leave the contest classes equipped with the highest PR gear you have. In many cases, your class will already have that gear equipped all the time. Consider, however, this example:

  • One week, Revenant is one of the three classes chosen for the contest and Tomb Raiser is not.
  • You have a level 25 Tomb Raiser with all 5-star Radiant gear
  • You also have an up-and-coming level 12 Revenant with a bunch of gear around Shadow 2.

In this case, before logging off on Sunday night you should take the hat, face, and (probably) ring from the Tomb Raiser and equip them on the Revenant. Sure, they may have Energy Regen and Magic Damage which do nothing for him, but PR doesn't depend on how useful the stats are; it's all about gear level, so make the switch and watch your PR soar!


The next step to optimize your PR requires a little more judgement. The biggest contributor to PR is, by far, the gems you have equipped. This means that to maximize your chances of winning a power rank contest, you will need to switch out gems so that those with the highest PR are equipped. This can be a very expensive prospect, though, especially when you would need to switch out several empowered gems to achieve the best results. The cost of switching gems was raised even further with the August 16 2016 Daily Loot patch, when the cost to remove a gem was changed from a value in flux based on the rarity of the gem to a number of re-gemerators based on the type of gem (one for regular and two for empowered gems).

Let's look at an example, using the same Tomb Raiser and Revenant from before. Assume the following:

  • The Revenant is using a level 15 radiant blue Spirit Surge gem with PR 755. (At level 12 he has no other empowered gem sockets open yet.)
  • The Tomb Raiser is using a level 25 stellar blue Stinging Curse gem with PR 1855.

If you switch the gems, the Revenant will gain 1100 PR. If this will get your rank up to the next tier of prizes you should consider switching the gems. To switch the gems, you will need to (a) remove the Spirit Surge at a cost of 2 re-gemerators, (b) remove the Stinging Curse at a cost of 2 re-gemerators, (c) equip the Stinging Curse on the Revenant (no cost).

After the end of the contest you will need to remove the Stinging Curse from the Revenant for another 2 re-gemerators, and re-equip the original gems at no additional cost. In total, you will have spent 6 re-gemerators to get that 1100 PR.

You can do this same calculation for any gem you are considering switching.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that other players may have read this guide (or known these tactics already). This means that if you put in a lot of effort on Sunday evening to move up to rank 2497, there is a pretty decent chance that several players will make their own changes after you log off, bumping you back down below rank 2500. If changing out your gems is going to leave you in that kind of position, it is probably worth saving your re-gemerators and aceepting the lower tier prize.

Mastery Points

This is one of the most straightforward contests. The tiers are always based on your rank in terms of total Master Points. This is an all-time total, so your activities during the contest week don't matter beyond any mastery points you can manage to gain, and everything you've done in previous weeks will still be counted.

Blocks Destroyed

Be aware that when working with a group, each block that gets destroyed is credited to only one player, which seems to be the player that does the final damage to destroy the block.* Because of this, mining in a group may not be an efficient way to win this contest.

Good ways to destroy large numbers of blocks quickly include:

  • Using a Legendary Dragon's breath attack whenever gliding;
  • Using class abilities like the Boomeranger's bombs;
  • Using a Bulldozer mount to level ground in club worlds*.

Blocks Placed

During a week with a Blocks Placed contest, you will frequently find large messes of primal blocks in the Hub or near the spawn point of adventure worlds. These are the result of players using one of the easiest methods to place blocks quickly. It is helpful to find large flat areas with no grass or other small plant "blocks" so that you can drag out long lines of blocks to place without being blocked by other objects.

One thing tested by the author that doesn't work is using a Terraformer from a Worldspring to add a new region to a club world. You don't get credit for even a single block placed when doing this, so save your Terraformers for more practical purposes!

Boxes Opened

If you don't need the flux, you might want to save boxes you would normally sell and open them all during a week when this challenge is active. Don't forget to check the marketplace for cheap boxes as well, especially on Monday; Miner's Troves are generally the cheapest available.

Thanks for Reading!

Please leave comments below with any feedback or corrections. I will try to keep this guide up to date as new information becomes available, and the help of the Trovesaurus community will be indispensible!

The author would like to thank Trovesaurus user ThomasJohnAllen, whose comment provided the original inspiration for this guide.

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