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It all began with a bang.

An explosion of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Colors beyond your wildest imagination flowed from the heavens.

Coalescing into a pinprick of love and affection.

From within this atom of sweetness, a galaxy was born.

Magic reverbrated outwards from this single star system.

Stardust cascading through the cosmos.

Planets formed over the course of years, where in our reality, only seconds had passed.

Eventually the unthinkable occured.

Stardust and magic intermingled and formed a planet made entirely of chocolate.

Froclicking among the candy were Llama's made of the sweetest sugary treats one could find!

Over several decades the Llama's reigned supreme, undisturbed in their haven.

In an alternate reality, the unthinkable was happening.

A warlock was toiling, boiling, broiling away.

Sugar, chocolate, gumdrops, all varieties of treats were thrown into a cauldron.

Frothing pink liquid spewed from within! Knocking the warlock back!

From within the heart shaped cloud lept out a single Llama made purely of candy...

Upon her neck she bore a nametag, a mythical beast by the name of, Sally.