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Posted on: Red Ninja mod

only the sfx is working, the mod itself is not in the achives, I guess

Posted on: Warcraft - Valeera mod

Thanks man! :D

Posted on: Warcraft - Grommash mod

thanks man ;D

Posted on: Warcraft - Illidan mod

I did another version slightly different, uploaded in steam workshop xD


I also did another 6 warcraft characters

Posted on: Guldan mod

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpOVj2sNUD0
I started to play trove recently and fall in love with the mods. Specially the Warcraft ones. So I wanted to do a full conversion, still some more to go!

1. Thrall
- Costume: Chloromancer level 10
- Weapon: Twisted Tengrim (Uncommon)
- Helmet: Mind Jar (Uncommon)
- Effects: Lightning for the basic attack and Totens instead of plants!

2. Valeera
- Costume: Neon Ninja level 10
- Weapon: Plain Pummeler (Uncommon)
- Helmet: Shadome
- Effects: Green effects to match the character and dual daggers!

3. Arthas
- Costume: Revenant level 10
- Weapon: Plate Peeler (Uncommon)
- Helmet: Winter Dragoncrown
- Effects: Blue special effects to match the icy character, the Lich King1
- Credits: Me for the costume and the frostmourne, the helmet was done by Black Owl from his mod.

4. Guldan
- Costume: Dracolyte level 10
- Weapon: Parsing Pylon (Uncommon)
- Helmet: Embedded Boomerang (Uncommon)
- Effects: Green Fire to match the fell and a skull as the pet dragon!

5. Illidan
- Costume: Dark Infineon Candy Barbarian
- Weapon: Candy Axe
- Helmet: Dark Infineon
- Effects: Purple Effects to match the character.
- Credits: Me for the costume, the warglaives is a slightly modified version of Aynat, so the credit go all to her for the weapon!

6. Grommash
- Costume: Boomeranger level 10
- Weapon: Wishful Wand (Uncommon)
- Helmet: Think Tank (Uncommon)
- Effects: Orc Grunts instead of Chickens, and you throw Grom's axe instead of a boomerang.
- Credits: Orc grunts, the axe Gorehowl and effects to me, the costume its a modified version of the costume made by Black Owl, the credits go all for him for the costume, I just did some personal ajustments.

7. Sylvannas
- Costume: Shadow Hunter level 10
- Weapon: Wormwood Bow
- Helmet: infinidrome
- Credits: The bow for me, the costume is a modified version of the costume made by Black Owl, the credits go all for him for the costume, I just did some personal ajustments, such as color, cape and the torso.

I am thinking on doing Jaina Proudmore in Ice Sage and Zuljin in the Lunar Lancer, tell me if you guys have any idea or improvment.

Posted on: Warcraft - Illidan mod

Replaces the Infineon costume

Warglaves not included, you can find then in the steam workshop from another autor :)