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He is back at it doing getting them Tomes finished

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Created: July 11, 2017
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How do you get the ARTIST title?

Posted on Etaewfest Llama Escape giveaway

This is probably the biggest amount of rewards a giveaway has ever had.

Posted on Petallura Giveaway giveaway

0% for getting the reward...why am I even trying?

Posted on Celestial Harbinger of Divinity mod

The developers will definitely add this costume into the game one day.

Posted on Country Communities page

Why is Hong Kong listed as a country even though it is a part of China?

it's complicated, it is and at the same time it isn't part of china, for more details, ask uncle google

Posted on Sunfest - Shadow Pinatas Invade page

The first quest gives you 5 chaos chests,not 10.

I wish it gave us 10





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