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Wow! Truly amazing.

This has put an entirely other side to how I think of the marketplace and how to tame it in a way to work for you and not break the community's economics. I'm planning to use this to my advantage in the future when tasked with making a sale in the marketplace. I thank you greatly for providing these statistics so that others can use them as well. I can imagine the amount of time to gather the info required and type it all up. I look forward to seeing more of these information guides from you another time! =)

I like the concept, but I don't fully understand the point this mod is trying to serve. I assumed it was meant as a way to better see your ability cooldowns or is it just because it meant to look better. If someone could fill me in, that would be great. Other than that, I think it is a well-done mod!

Good luck everyone! =)


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