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Etaew September 29, 2018 1 7

InkTrover is our take on the Inktober artist challenge, this is our first time supporting this challenge so we will be taking it light and listening to feedback from the artists.

Friday Devstream Teased Gardening Update

Etaew September 29, 2018 3 13

The devs showed off some assets today on their live stream. Of course, we've captured them for you!

Working on huge art project, got tired, I need doodle time :3

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Etaew August 2, 2018 5 25

By special request for the next few weeks we'll be inviting Trove fan artists to draw the characters of Ainogommon and KawaiiCaretaker.

Accepted Mods List - February 2018

Etaew February 28, 2018 0 5

Junebug has posted a list of accepted player made costumes and dragons, here is the list. They will be added in a future game update.

Huge thanks to Junebug for her help!

Knight has always been in my mind the most romantic occupation,Even medieval knights actually violent taxation, abuse of power.(Off-topic)This does not affect me even if I'm 22 years old and believe knights and ninjas really exist.;)

PandaFest - Giveaways - Contests

Evilagician November 14, 2017 20 139

To celebrate the release of Trove Adventures, Evilagician's upcoming birthday (24th), and the release of the collaborative and awesome pandas, we're hosting daily giveaways, one big mega panda power pack giveaway, and a panda art contest.

Hello everyone !! (σ・ω・)σ

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