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Posted on 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

Oh wow, 3 years already! I found out the site back when Trove was still in beta, it was because of a giveaway of the Lunar Ronin... Even though I don't play Trove that much anymore (laaag), I still use the site to catch up on updates, and maybe find something that will interest me to go play again (well that and I update a guide here from time to time).

The site already implemented Dark mode so I'm happy (or maybe cleaning up the tags at 'Guides' section bc there are some duplicates).

Most of my classes' costumes are from the giveaways of this site so I'll always be grateful for that lol. Here's to another year and happy birthday Trovesaurus!

P.S. I love this page, it's a great help for inactive players

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Welp not anymore! At least until I finish adding the points thingy in the Gems part of the guide...

I just realized I was replying to 5 month-old comment ._.

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Sorry for the late reply, I don't play Trove as much as before but here goes..

  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I did meant to type: "50% chance you catch a ~~Pink~~ Blue Candish instead" I have edited the guide to fix this.
  2. I was unaware of that info, I'll add that as well.

Glad to know that my guide was able to help you ^_^

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Posted on Class Art #7 - Dino Tamer page

The misty atmosphere gives an ominous feel to it!

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You've done a good job translating to Filipino! I just have one thing to say though, doesn't 'Stats', in the Footer category, translate to 'istatistika' in Filipino? 

Ooooooh! I didn't managed to open it the time I did the translations. XD I literally thought that it is "Stats for Status" and left it as "Stats" cause I know that "Estado" won't fit it quite well. Yeah, "Istatistika" will fit it cause it is a statistics about the page. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

Aaaaand, thanks again for the compliment. XD Its all thanks to my friends for helping me out to end up with better translations. XD

Posted on August Site Update page

Maybe a clean up for some pages? Especially the guides page, for example there's a category for "Dragons" and "Dragon". The only difference between the 2 is the other one has a letter 's'. Other than that, keep up the good work!

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
3 years ago

Yeah I've been struggling to find ways to present the large amount of guides in a pleasant way, if you have any examples of sites which do this well I would be interested in seeing that.

Tags are added by individual users, so some of them will appear different.

Posted on Class Art #6 - Dracolyte page

The cute little familiar is what took her art to whole new level. Seriously though, even if you take it out, it's still amazing!

Posted on Trove Screenshot Haiku Contest page

Can we use mods for this contest?

Posted on Avarem Trovesaurus Gamescom Interview page

Oh yay! Most of my questions got answered! Glad to hear that they have plans for a mail system (even though it's in their lower priority list, but it's still something). Nice to read some of the devs' plans for the game.

Posted on Trove Interview Question Collection page

  • Any ETA on the club 2.0 update?
  • Will we be seeing steady adding of new styles/deco in-game in the next patches?
  • Just a suggestion (I don't know if this is even possible), I was thinking if you devs can add like an inbox system to friends. Most of my friends are either dead or I don't catch them online. It would be great to be able to leave messages to them.
  • I've been playing since Beta, and ever since I've been lagging or experiencing high ping. I appreciate your efforts in solving these issues, but is it possible to add Oceania or any additional servers, or just to solve this dilemma?
  • Can you guys do an AMA on /r/Trove? It would be nice to see more activity going on in Trove's subreddit.

Posted on Guide Creation Contest page

I'm quite confused between the difference of Mechanics from Basics and Gameplay.. (Heck now I feel I like I don't even know the definition of Mechanics) I know, I'm such a noob.

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