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Posted on Fastifest Mark II page


Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

I'll try to get them out today, but this depends on Fasti's free time to pick winners :)

Posted on 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

Trovesaurus is an amazing community. I win my first dragon here. In this place we can make new friends, try to creat arts and win giveways. The new trovesaurus's website design is beautiful. Congrats guys and thank you for the hard work!

Posted on The Beauty Gunslinger art

Poxa assim não da nem pra competir :( kkkkk ficou muito lindo parabens!

Haha, vlw! Mas tenho ctz de q vai ter gente desenhando melhor, sempre tem. E tu pode também poxa! Mas n nego q esse foi meu melhor desenho até hj aqui do Trovesaurus asudhaushd

Posted on Taliday Art Contest page

Posted on Gem Rage art

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Sair oq?? Nao tem nada a ver com o jogo isso è so dentro do trovesaurus 

Posted on Country Communities page

I really LOVED this idea, good job! Forza Italia

Posted on Country Communities page

Posted on Tutorial Comic Contest - Results page

Posted on Trovian Tumbler Giveaway giveaway

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Posted on Tutorial Comic Contest page

The tutorial can be do using screenshots modificated?

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

No, this is an art contest, sorry.

Posted on Soon TM loading screen art

Posted on Positivity Fortnight page

I love trove beacause I have a coletion of beautyful things and I love collect things lol

Posted on Trovesaurus Community Tasks - June page

I hope for console Rewards for  contests and giveaways :/

The rewards are always pc only

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

There are restrictions on packs for consoles, so that won't happen, but we are looking to fill up dragons and some other things for consoles :)





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