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Posted on: Gigantes Class art

so cool! ò3ó

Posted on: Everdark Assailant art


thank you, thank you!
i actually started it back during the first time this contest ran and never finished - was psyched to see it come around again!

Posted on: Fantastical Fish art


oh just saw this, thank you!

Posted on: wary art

completely agree, the face was something i've never been good at, i wasn't super happy with it early on, and just kind of let it be >.<

i tried to avoid too much shading because i felt like i'd end up getting carried away adding more detail to everything, but some parts probably would have greatly benefited from a bit of unflattering xD

this was my first effort at something like this using inkscape, so there were also improvements i didn't make so i could move on after learning what i wanted to learn... *however* i still can't say i would have done as nice of a job as you've so kindly illustrated; both shading and muscular structure are definitely things I'd like to improve overall!

my humble thanks for taking the time to comment, i very much appreciate the input!

Posted on: friday art

thank you so much! ;D