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Anoki 8 months ago

Yes please change this. I was actually so excited thinking I was going to get Pinatas only to get choas chests. I was so sad.

Posted on Chess Caliph

Anoki 8 months ago

I actually really like this costume. Hope it makes it into the game legit at some point. Would totally use on my Chloro


Altairyx 8 months ago

It was accepted already :p

Posted on Guide Creation Contest

Anoki 10 months ago

Have any of the guides been selected yet? Been over a week since this ended. Just curious.

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Anoki 10 months ago

That's so messed up. Like is it really that hard to keep to what you said to begin with? I mean how hard is it to generate 6 more codes. >.> SMH

Posted on Make Flux and Glim fast

Anoki 10 months ago

I'm curious, can you actually loot collect Adventurine on the PC version of Trove? Because I can't for the life of me figure out how to loot collect it on the Console version.

Carnificare 9 months ago

Yeah on PC you can do it by going to your personal chest and dragging the adventurine into the chest, switching your inventory to the "adventure mode" one, dragging the adventurine into that inventory, then loot collecting it. No idea if it works the same on console though.

Posted on 3 Years of Trovesaurus

Anoki 11 months ago

I found out about Trovesaurus a little after the Xbox One launch of the game. The clan I joined told me about how they got a free mount from this site so I came on over and made a account. To be completely frank I use the site for the giveaways. I haven't been using it as of late but I just started up again a little over a week ago. As for the future, I am unsure other than I would like to see the site continue to thrive and for more good things to everyone on the site. xD


Edit: Oh yeah. Congrats on the 3 Year Anniversery!!!! 

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