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Created: March 6, 2017

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The shadow giant invader doesn't got much attention , So here i am making art of him

This is a combination of the Neon Ninja and Dino Tamer classes. He likes to sneak around the forest and battle dinosaurs. :) I tried my best on MS paint, lol. 

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WRRYYAA ! ! making this piece had me many demotivation . and I Gotta Fight It ! you hear me people , fight your laziness ! ! don't lose, I believe in ya ! ( what the heck are you saying, Alv ?! )

my BR can go U10 now yaay

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The Sea Monster 3 Star dungeon.

it is the best I can do and I tried my best :)

Hope u like it i enjoyed making the drawing

will the knight save his spring garden?

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Was actually for starwars x Trove contest last year, Just decided to finish it now. 

Create a shelter for her - Time goddess rafina, hope you guys enjoy! :-)

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