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ExoDave's Mods

Quick Class UI
Super Hotbar
Superior Marketplace
Disable excessive player lighting by ExoDave
ExoDave Mod Manager
ExoDave Superior Loot Collector
Enhanced Loading Screen
ExoDave Better Collections
Opaque Build mode by ExoDave
Disable Outline Effect by ExoDave
ExoDave Better invites
ExoDave Small map
Easy Glacial Shards
Trove retro Hotbar
ExoDave Easy to see biomes
Speedometer ExoDave edition
ExoDave UI package
ExoDave VFX reducer package
Diamond Pro Sigils/Wings
Trove Classic Sigils
Improved Arcane&Martial Aura


ExoDave (PC)

Lite GS GemAbility


ExoDave (PC)

Better GS Aura & Ult Countdown
Ability Tint
Lite Bombs


ExoDave (PC)

Better Cooldowns (Default Hotbar)
Hide My Ally
Trove Classic Lite Hotbar
Stellar Silver Lite Hotbar

About ExoDave

Optimization & Utility mods for the Trove community. For a easier play experience.

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