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Community Utility Modder

ExoDave's Mods

Disable excessive player lighting by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Mod Manager (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Superior Loot Collector (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Enhanced Loading Screen (GUI) - ExoDave

ExoDave Better Collections (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Opaque Build mode by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Disable Outline Effect by ExoDave (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Better invites (UTILITY) - ExoDave

ExoDave Small map (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Easy Glacial Shards (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Trove retro Hotbar (GUI) - ExoDave

ExoDave Easy to see biomes (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Speedometer ExoDave edition (GUI) - ExoDave

ExoDave UI package (GUI) - ExoDave

ExoDave VFX reducer package (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Diamond Pro Sigils/Wings (GUI) - ExoDave

Trove Classic Sigils (GUI) - ExoDave

Improved Arcane&Martial Aura (COSMETICS) - ExoDave

Lite GS GemAbility (COSMETICS) - ExoDave

Better GS Aura & Ult Countdown (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Ability Tint (GUI) - ExoDave

Lite Bombs (COSMETICS) - ExoDave

Better Cooldowns (Default Hotbar) (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Hide My Ally (UTILITY) - ExoDave

Trove Classic Lite Hotbar (GUI) - ExoDave

Stellar Silver Lite Hotbar (GUI) - ExoDave

About ExoDave

Optimization & Utility mods for the Community. For a easier play experience.

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