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Posted on: Digital Fae art

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Am liking dat pixel art.

Posted on: HBD Exo_Dave art

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Haha this one is good. I have a soft spot for Mechs and tech.

Posted on: Modding The Wrong Thing art

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Haha, Ok I chucked a bit on this. I hope this day never comes.

Posted on: ExoDave Better invites mod

Yes, You have to go to "downloads" and select the oldest version of the mod.

Posted on: ExoDave Small map mod

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The mod has been updated and is now fully working again.

Posted on: ExoDave Small map mod

Fixed. Update the mod as soon as you can.

Posted on: Superior Marketplace mod

Okay ... been 2 months. This is intentional. The next button works as a scroll down/scroll to bottom rather then going to the next page.

This takes some getting use to, the advanage is that you're still able to see your other sells besides the last three.

Posted on: Quick Class UI mod

Download the lastest version. I made adjustments to the UI so you should be able to see the top better.

Posted on: Enhanced UI mod

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.Tmod files has a file size limit that would prevent me from doing this. The only way to include all these mods would be using a .zip format. However using .zip /override files at this time will break all .tmod files in trove atm.

Posted on: Lunar Lancer art

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Best art of a lunar lancer I will probably ever see.

Posted on: Super Hotbar mod

The answer to this is a bit in depth. But inside the game files your True energy vaule is 1.0000, I added code to display this and to increase the vaule to a even 100, The reason 105 maximum Energy does not increase the True energy vaule is because "maximum energy" is really "Energy Reduction", what it does is reduce the energy spent on skills and abilities by -5%, if your "maxium energy" was 110 it would be -10% and so on.

Posted on: Ability Tint mod

I honestly don't fully understand it myself. This mod was a request from a user, I fullfilled that request and then published it to the public.

Posted on: ExoDave Better invites mod

Thank you for the video, It clearly shows what the issue is. Am been looking into it, Looks like something isn't playing very nicely with the changes I made. A tricky bug, I will comment again here when I find the fix for this bug.

Posted on: ExoDave Better invites mod

Hmm, Not having this issue. The Marketplace tabs are working. And I can buy and trade while if someone sends an inv, No issue with claims. 

*You may be talking about things that are directly under or very close to the dialog box, in that case yes you cannot click on anything.