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Created: February 12, 2017
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gunslinger dark infineon Costumes: Gunslinger

this mod will make your boring old lvl 10 gunslinger costume into a new and inproved dark infineon costume it even comes with a laser pistol!

Death the slinger Costumes: Gunslinger

Dual Gauge - Ignition Costumes: Gunslinger

Dual Gauge - Voltage Costumes: Gunslinger

Chaos Rogue Costumes: Gunslinger

Master Chief Costumes: Gunslinger

You are da Master Chief!

Block Ops (Gunslinger Costume) Costumes: Gunslinger

This is a costume mod for the Gunslinger!  Give your enemies the silent (and deadly) treatment with this sneaky set!

Baby Fortras Allies: Dracolyte

Looks like Fortras fell into the fountain of youth.

Royal Acolyte Costumes: Dracolyte

Space Marine Costumes: Revenant

It's a mod for the Revenant costume for when you reach Level 10!

Scout Captain Costumes: Pirate Captain

Turns your Pirate in to a Scout Trooper Captain. Comes complete with all skills replaced.

Demo Ranger Costumes: Boomeranger

Broken Tide Boomeranger Costumes: Boomeranger

It's a purely cosmetic mod. It is a work in progress so there might be a future of this mod getting changed or further developed such as getting material mapped and a custom head piece so check for updates if you can. Right now there are particle effects and almost a whole costume. If you see any bugs comment and I'll try to fix them. On that note I hope you enjoy the mod and your day.

Baby Erel Allies: Dracolyte

Looks like Erel fell into the fountain of youth.




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