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COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

Make sure to turn auto-update mods! [OFF]

(>*-*)> Good Luck!!

Wish everybody good luck!

I hope you like this Skyrider! :D you have a really creative mind, that got you well noticed on the trove community. I love your work an  I hope to see alot more!!! <3

interested in joining as a Artist!

This here "Lunar Lancer" Is ready to solo some shadow towers!

A friend of mine wanted a custom profile picture made by me with a chicken, he allowed me to freestyle it and I know we play trove alot together so I made it with a Trove theme!

Wanna see some Proof that shows I made this scene... Here it is.//

Made a modded shadow hunter outfit, because thats my favorite type of character on TROVE(PS4). Created a scene where the shadow hunter wonders into the jungle and stumbles upon a dinosaur. The shadow hunter doesn't know how to react... Then all of a sudde

how do I join the contest!?!?!?!? I have made a piece of art for it.

I hope I get one of these!


Just your average TRION Creator, trying to make it In this world. :P I'm also a twitch affiliated streamer.

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