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GrUnDyMcMuFFin88 (PS4/EU) 3 weeks ago

Getting sick of entering these things, just give it all to the pc players!!, oh and another 500k on tow, did I get a dragon? Did I f@#%

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GrUnDyMcMuFFin88 (PS4/EU) 3 weeks ago

Lol what a surprise, another contest goes by and not so much as a runner up, oh and look 99% of tm the winners are pc?  How strange!!!! 

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GrUnDyMcMuFFin88 (PS4/EU) 3 weeks ago

I'll need luck,  6 months and no dde,  no tow dragons,  not evan a streamer box!  Oh well gotta keep on keeping on!  Good luck to all you guys in the same boat!!  XD

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