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Producer’s Letter: Trove – Adventures

Trove Blog October 19, 2017 1 7

Calling all Trovians! My name is Ricky “Din Othar” White, Senior Producer for Trove, and I’m here to offer you a look at the great content the team has been preparing for you over the last months. This is literally the first time these features have been revealed and I’m delighted to let you be the first to know.

even though im late Happy Birthday! :D

Tea party with Mr Quebsly!

:P just Trionworlds Fancy Kiwi..... with a little bit of derpy-ness

My "quick" entry for Gaugekelley's Contest. Thought of ideas and decided to go for a simple, cute, gif animation. :3

Dev T-Shirt Contest

Etaew March 1, 2017 4 12

No, not that kind of T-shirt contest! Every few months we send over a package of T-Shirts to the Trove developers, this month we are encouraging artists to submit images that they would like to see the devs wear.

Mai goreatest urt with light spood o:<

No description entered

No description entered

Had this pixel art hidden in my files... So I've decided to post this.

The greatest parrot of them all

xDI can't with thatJust sketchy, bad art for #BadlyDrawnTwixler contest :)

Dada_trash draws Twixler =D

Plain illustration of Pirate Captain and his cute little fella.

Fire!BoomSquawwk! Reloading!