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Posted on: Lunar Lancer art

I loved drawing the LL so much I went and made one on trove!

Posted on: Fantasy Map - Art Challenge page

liked this! I'm not really sure but the wait sure is nerve wrecking isn't it! I can't imaging judging these when there are so many amazing artists on here <3

Posted on: [Deleted Art] art

liked this! So amazing 


Posted on: Golden Sands Creation Results page

liked this! NightshadeKitten is me btw.

Posted on: Genie Dragon art

Thank you! I just wish I had the ability to do stuff with it :( 

Posted on: Market Promotion January page

Thank you. I just wanted to sure!

Posted on: Market Promotion January page

Does this count for consoles as well or just PC market prices? 

Posted on: Getting Beta All the Time – A look ahead page

Although I really want to see some content updates, the bugs and crashes are way more important. I'll be happy to be able to play for more than 30 minutes without the game crashing <3