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Posted on Need better painting app art

Do I get a token for this or was it too bad :(

Posted on Country Communities page

Great concept! Now I know some people living in the same country as me

Posted on Positivity Fortnight page

I enjoy going into pvp and getting battle trophies and getting my shadow hunter's ultimate to actually work and one shot a u9 boss.

Posted on Trovesaurus Community Tasks - June page

Maybe support other people's creations and putting links to their gem pr, tome and other caculators?And a section indicating whats event is going to happen in the coming weeks.

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

We do have a list of community resources , and we do add items to the calendar when we know they are upcoming.

Posted on Llamahunt page

What is that llama in the right corner?





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