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Not-so-busy bee

1 week ago

Hexaspherical (PC) 5 months ago

I would to see some form of mini contests, basically small contests with small themes and small rewards such as 1 or 2 reward tokens for winners instead of the usual 3, although I would love to see more frequent modding contests as well.

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Hexaspherical (PC) 5 months ago

Ooooh, boy, 3/5 unique dino costumes, this should be 4/5 if I'm lucky. Good luck y'all.

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The Self Appointed Rev

6 months ago

Hexaspherical (PC) 8 months ago

High is ER is absurd for new players, plus mount speed and fast basic attack is faster than button mashing 1. :D

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Cupid's Corgi

9 months ago

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The Pyramid

10 months ago

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Jolly Prophet

11 months ago

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