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log in to your account
click on the GALLERY menu at the top of the screen
click on the ADD option in the dropdown menu
upload your art there
be sure to tag your art as an entry into this contest

Posted on Sketch of Quinnce art

i like your style Winflag! may i color this one & repost it?

I appreciate it and yeah you can but please don't post it until after the quinnce competition is finished thanks!!

Posted on

awesome =D
ty etaew!

Posted on DELICIOUS now with more animated gif aura! art

suprised how bad the photoshop GIF animation compression is. huge file, bad color depth, bad resolution. even with huge file and correct resolution, the color depth is way off. is there a better way to generate these from psd files? anyone done this before?

Posted on Community Draws Delicious page

can we still do 2 entries- same as in the past? is that standard for art contests?

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

Yeah you can submit several attempts.

awesome =D
ty etaew!

Posted on

sorry bro- that is the worst

Posted on Pirate Captain Art Contest page

can we do more than one entry? or single pic only? i made 2 drawings, cant decide which to turn in

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
2 years ago

You can enter two seperate drawings.

Posted on Fantasy Map - Art Challenge page

my first contest. how long does it usually take until winners are announced?

I'm not really sure but the wait sure is nerve wrecking isn't it! I can't imaging judging these when there are so many amazing artists on here <3

Posted on Trove Realms art

vivid. super rad!

Posted on Ye olde map of Fouyouyouy art

very clean. props =D

Posted on

thank you ^.^





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