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"Each trove mastery level gives a 0.15% bonus, Chronomancer Qubesly gives a 20% bonus, and the level 3 Shrine of Ferocity fixture gives a 15% bonus."

Posted on How to Optimize Your DPS by Balancing Stats page

After thinking about it, the answer is already in the guide: "After you reach a balance in stats, you can maintain that balance by increasing the PR of each stat equally." 14 DMG = 1 PR and 1 CD = 5 PR. However, you will also be getting more dmg and cd from the crystal gear, so that might change the optimal boost ratios a little bit. It is up to you if you want to maximize or minimize light. At this point, the % DPS gain by changing the ratios a little bit is very small if you already use a boost combination from the guide, so you can simply give an equal amount of boosts to CD and DMG on the new gems if you want to minimize light.

Posted on How to Optimize Your DPS by Balancing Stats page

I can't make any recommendations for u10 yet since it is still being tested and subject to change. I would need to figure out how the new "light" stat works too.

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I updated the guide. For NN, I use movement speed on my gear instead of CD.


I changed the way I account for rounding as explained near the end of the guide. I had done several experiments to try to figure out how they round but there were inconsistencies across the classes. For FT, PC, and NN, I tried matching the exact damage values from abilities by making adjustments to md, pd, cd, and bonus, but there was no solution that fit the data for all 3. This probably means there are small decimal values in the base stats or other sources. For FT, GS, IS, making adjustments didn't change the rankings, so I decided to no longer make adjustments. It is also time consuming to make the adjustments unless I write a program for it...

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Currently, the endgame boost combinations is obsolete. I've mostly stopped playing trove and I need to replace the GPU on my main computer, which has my spreadsheet for gem calculations. I use a different formula to calculate dps for NN as explained in the guide, but I don't know if you use the same formula. I might come back to trove in 1 or 2 months after fixing my computer, and I might make a user friendly version of my spreadsheet to share as well as update this guide.