TombRais... what now?!  People main him? :O I cant even remember seeing a TR tbh.


Boomeranger is pretty neat though! Used to main him but got sick of the lag and randomness of him.


Chloro all the way atm, even though im being horrible innefccient in just about anything at least i'm not part of the overplayed triangle of GS/NN/SH , but after this patch i dont think anyone will be playing anything other then VG anymore... Myself included :D

So looking forward to this... This class seems like the perfect fit. Just hope they dont forget the old classes like Chloro who kinda but useless atm. This dude kinda puts all the classes to shame.

Exciting times :D

Yeah i agree, this game NEEDs something new like we need Oxygen to breathe. 


Pricing seems hefty though, it's expensive to be a Trovian nowadays :/ perhaps even too expensive to be worth it

Finallly :DDD Boomeranger gooo! 


Good luck people, may the boomiest ranger win! 

Looks damn cool!;) good luck everyone!

Ohoo Awesome, good luck people! 

Heh cool drawning! This actually makes me wish we could choose gender (apart from simple face swap)

Definetly PCs only, theres nothing like this on PS4 going atm at least :/

Guess this is PC only? Not seeing anything on PS4. :(


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