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Posted on: Heyy art

Aww Thanks <3

Posted on: Sir Richard art

liked this! Cute

Posted on: Our story art

Yay Its reminiscent when I saw the hub... or any other player does too :))

Posted on: Our story art

Thank you :) Your art is amazing too!

Posted on: Neon Ninja Clyde art

liked this! This is good :oo

Posted on: Empowered Mighty! [collaboration] art

liked this! OMG I LOVE THIS

Posted on: Rafina art

Thank you! Rafina in my oc story is living in fantastic way, so I have a lot of fun drawing this :D!

Posted on: Rafina art

He he thanks!! It took me four days to complete.

Posted on: Tain&Kacey art

The guy on the right is artist kawaiiCaretaker's boomer named Kacey, and the guy on the left is artist Ainogommon's pirate named Tain. Hope this help you. :D

Posted on: happy happy new year! art

liked this! Happy New Yearrrrr <3

Posted on: Time Sage art

liked this! Steampunk <3

Posted on: Lumineon art

Thank you!

Posted on: Lumineon art

Posted on: The time goddess art

Thanks for your detailed reply and like this <3

Im really happy that you observe quite detailed for my art work! :'D

Posted on: 4U art

Thank you!! :'3