Not a fan of the Geode update. Too hard to get metamatter. not to mention really hard to get any resources above tier 2. for a non combat update there sure are a lot of things trying to kill you..

was there a spring event quest? I can not remember for the life of me. and if there wasn't was there going to be?

Wow. :O they take better care of their ps4 players than their pc players :P

1 box :( how depressing. thanks though. better than no box. I need gem boosters so baaad

yes. my bad. :D This is what happens when you don't proof read. :P

Free is nice. I remember the days Trion gave class gems as compensation. but seeing as I have all the classes but the hero, and it doesn't work on the hero (nice money grab trion) this will do just fine. :D

too many people use this site now. :P

So this is stuff that the "cryptic ore" can make? seems pretty useless for the rarity of the ore blocks. been looking for ages have yet to see a single one. :\

Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Too many people use this site now. :P

Already my new favorite class, and I haven't even used it yet. Sucks we can't unlock it with a class coin though. because of that I can see the requirements to make the class being ridiculously high though. This way they can get more people to buy it. :\ I'm disappointed we didn't get a class for Forbidden Spires. We really needed a Monk class that uses a staff for melee and ranged attacks. :P

It's pretty neat to have communities. but I'm not a fan of it being based on where you were born. We are all Trovians at heart. We should come together, not be seperated by our birth place. :)

Good day from Pennsylvania! :)

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no, I can't find them in my styles

I'm confused. all I got was the mount.. what about the other stuff? -.-

I will never forget again! :O

I'm annoyed.. turns out the last 2 badly drawns i forgot to tag them... :(

I made one yesterday.. so i guess im out of this contest too. -.-

I just got one from a chaos chest so i guess im out of this contest. :P

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wow wyvern. your fasti is cute as hell. haha. mine was just awful. :P are you the same wyvern from forbidden legend? lol saw your name while I was looking at fasti art. haha

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