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Posted on [Mount] Bomber Ro'Yata mod


Thanks, I'm glad you like it! =)

Posted on Accepted Mods List - April 23, 2019 page

Congratulations, folks! =)

Posted on art

Wheee, thank you very much! \o/

It doesn't only look beautifully painted but also was made super fast, now that's some incredible talent.

Thank you again and pretty please keep up the overall awesomeness of yours!

Posted on [Ally] Scarrrlet Swordfish mod


Whoopee, I'm glad you like it! =)

Posted on [Ally] Flaky Field-gun mod

Oh, stop it, you. :D

Seriously, though, it's a real honour to know my work serves as inspiration for such an incredible talent like you. I'm happy if I could help even a little with the themes you mentioned but your mods have been always admirable and amazing regardless, so will you please keep it up, too, and I'll try to do the same. =)

Thank you very much! \o/

Posted on [Mount] Ancient Arthropod mod


Thank you for the kind words, ma'am! =)

Seems like it was worth digging up the idea, I hope it'll inspire others to create for less "popular" themes, too. Also, please, if I could really master VFX, that'd be great. Fortunately, I can get along with the little amount that I've learned so far and also glad to help if there's a case. (Can't guarantee anything, though. :D)

Thanks again!

Posted on [Wings] Grinding Gear Gliders mod

That's probably because the velocities on the X and Y axis are random values. Both of them are within the same thresholds but aren't "synced" with each other on the left and right sides.

All in all, basically they're the same, the small deviations are intended. =)

Posted on Friday Devstream Teased Gardening Update page

Ah, all those models look great!

Having a plant for many crafting materials sounds exciting (and farming them gets a new meaning :D).

Posted on Ainoblackiefest Results page

Lots of incredibly awesome entries, hats off to you folks. =)

Posted on Two Deputies doing Deputy Things art

I fail to see the reason behind speaking evil of yourself publicly. You're doing pretty well with these drawings and, you know, practice makes perfect. =)

Posted on Wanted Images Promotion - Results page

Good job people, especially CDM. Hats off! =)

Posted on Luminopolis Sunrise Pixel Art art

It looks really cool, I still hope you'll make a sail design of this some time. =)

I do plan on making a variety of sail designs. Why not, we do need more sail mods out there. :D

Posted on

Hi there!

I used to get that error code when I tried to build the .tmod with the in-game command. Ever since I make the .tmods with TroveTools.NET, they upload without any problem.

As for uploading mods, you can do it here, on Trovesaurus, under the Mods tab (choose "Add"). Follow the instructions there and fill in the required information.

Posted on Junebug Poops (Again) - Results page

Pretty entries are pretty and it was really nice from Keetsie that she commented on each piece.

Posted on Amperium/Resistors Preview page

It's good to see some background story (or shall I call it lore?) for a change and the connection to the happenings in the Desert Frontier is also interesting.

I wonder whether every bit of Arcanium has been exploited yet or not... :P